That moment when you are humming Christmas carrols in July…

Que pasa familia???? Como le ha bailado??? Espero que todo les haya bailado bien!!! Todo está bien acá en Chile!! Estamos pasando frío no más!!!
Well, like the title says, (and i dont know if ive mentioned it before), i just casually find myself wanting to sing Christmas songs becuase im used to singing them when its cold….. and then i realize that we are in July…… yeah, funny things that happen on the other side of the world! jajaja
Well, all is super well here! We have had a good time just working hard and trying to baptize everyone! Speaking of baptisms, we have three for next weekend!!! Woo hoo!!!! Its a father and two of his sons and they are SOOOOOO awesome!!! Jajaja ther were going to be baptized this weekend, but a family member is having an operation so we ran the date to the 16th!!! Something super cool that he told is: So we were in a lesson teaching them and he told us that he was walking in the street and someone from another religion offered him something and he said “no thanks, im mormon!!!!” and my comp and i were sooo stoked when he said that!!!! Jajaja like, talk about a convert!!!! So yeah, this family rules! 
We also are food from Haiti this week!!! There is a member that lives with here sister and her husband (they arent members) and we passed by to teach them and they gave us soup!!! It was super good! It tasted like tortilla soup, which absolutely ruled!!! So yeah, the haitians are good cooks! He is also a super good investigador. He told us that he doesnt believe in lots of churches because he believes that if someone has a church, that person should be calle of God, so we taught him the restauracion and he liked it a lot!! So yeah, we are seeing lots of miracles!
Well, one thing that i have been studing that is super important is getting rid of the natural man and having a change of heart. Ive learned that to become comfortable in Gods presence, we need to be more like Him, which means getting rid of the natural man and becoming a saint through the Atonement of Christ (Mosiah 3:19). Then in Alma 5, he talks about how hearts change (through faith and the spirit, and the faith we show by our desire to change) and how we can always maintain this change of heart. Elder Renlund gave a talk about this (Im pretty sure it was him, the talk is called “preserving the change of heart” or something like that)
Pero, les testifico de que necesitamos ser más como nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. Si no somos como Él, no querremos estar en Su presencia. Sé que por medio de la expiación de Cristo, podemos cambiar y llegar a ser más como Él. Testifico de esto en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney


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