Best Ward Activity Ever!!!

Hey guys? Hows Utah? Hows the boat? How any holes are there in the tube now? 
Im glad to hear that all is progressing well! It seems like there is lots to do with Marks project, but i will keep praying so that everything goes smoothly!
So yeah, i want to start this letter out by talking about the coolest ward activity ever!!! So in this ward, it is 50% peruano, 5% colombiano, 5% venezolano, 14% chileno, and 1% gringo (the missionaries) jajaja. So we had an activity where the different countries brought the typical foods and everyone went around eating them. First off, it was a missionaries dream!!! Free food!!! Nothing is better than that!!! But it was super fun to try tons of new foods!! There was a cake from Uruguay that had tuna fish in it. There was a juice from Haiti made from potatoes, carrots, bannanas, and milk that was INCREDIBLE!!! And then the peruanos brought all kinds of super delicious food!!! (i dont like sea food, but man o man do i love a good spicy ceviche!) The best part of the ativity is that lots of investigadores came and lots of nonmembers came! So all in all it was a huge success!
Other than that, the work is the same! We have 3 baptisms this saturday, such a huge blessing from the Lord!!! And we have a few other investigadores that are progressing real well! We will try and put baptismal dates with them ASAP!
One thing i want to testify about is the power of the Atonement to change us. I love the stories of Saul, Enos, and Alma hijo, all three of them felt the cleansing power of the Atonement in their lives and then used it to change and become some of the most known profets in the scriptures. I know that we too can apply the atonement to our lives so that we can change and become pure, just like our Heavenly Father is pure.
Testifico de que la expiación del Salvador nos cambia a fin de que seamos como Él. No hay ningún desafío que no podamos superar. Como dicen las escritures, “todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.” Sé que Jesucristo sufrió por nosotros para que la salvación pusiese llegar a nosotros. Sé que al ejercer la fe, la expiación nos cambiará para que seamos puros de corazón, tal como Él es puro. Dejo esto testimonio con humildad, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!

Élder Tenney


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