I ran out of titles 6 months ago…

Como están????? Wow, siento que estuvo aqui ayer! Eso no es bueno…..
Well, sounds like the good ol Utah vacation is coming to and end! I hope that means that emails come that dont tell me about all of the super cool stuff you are doing. NAh, dont worry, being a missionary es muhco mejor! When is the big biking event going to take place? Ive heard tons about it, but i have never see a date…..

Well, to start things off, yes, the family that we were working with got baptized!!!! This poor family, those who have served missiones have seen that there is always TONS of opposition befor baptisms. There was a problem with one font, so we changed the baptism to another building. We got there and the water was FREEZING COLD!!!! and its WINTER time here…. but they were super happy and they got baptized! Ill send some fotos if there is a port (ill probablyu send a SIM card with tons of fotos soon!) But this family is sooo awesome! So now we are going to start working with the other 2 members of the family that havent gotten baptized yet! 
Also, another HUGE miracle is our good friend W (we will call him w for now. So w is from Haiti. He came here to find work and help his family. The haitians that come here are really poor and usually dont speak lots of spanish. BUT, W is incredible. He has more faith that i do. We pass by and teach him in this NAtive Language (its valled Kewyole, e wi, mwen pale piti piti. Mwen sav ki Jezikri viv epi se zami-nou!) and he just listens to us and accepts everything we teach. He had a problem because he wasnt going to be able to come to Church this week because of his job (if he doesnt go, they cut like 60 US dollars from his sueldo) and he was like “no, i want to get baptized the 23rd, so ill miss work and go to church!” so yeah, he is super awesome!!!!
Well, quisiera compartir algo super genial que yo he aprendido esta semana! Mientras he estado estudiando las escrituras y cómo conservar el cambio de nuestros corazones, me he fijado de que cada profeta o ángel que ha corregido la conducta de una personas siempre dice la palabra “recordar.” Recordar a Cristo, los que el Señor ha hecho por sus padres, etc. Y desùés, en las oraciones de la Santa Cena, la primera oración contiene 3 cosas que debemos hacer: Tomar sobre nosotros el Nombre de Cristo, guardar Sus Mandamientos, y REcordarle. En la segunda Oracion, solamente la palabra recordar aparece. Sé que al recordar al Señor y al recordar lo que Él ha hecho por nosotros, seremos más rectos y nuestra fe aumentará. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!
Élder Tenney


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