Haitian Fever and Real Cold…

Bonswa!!!!! Como nou ye? (Good afternoon, how are you guys?) jajajaj well, my criol is getting a little better!!!!
Well, it sounds like the bike ride was TONS of work, but hey, with the Lords help you lo llevaron a cabo!!! (somebody thats seaks spanish can translate that, i forot it in english, sorry!) jajaja but man, there were trials (they are aLWAYS trials) but with faith there are also TONS of miracles. Speaking of miracles, this week was FULL of them!!!!!
First off, a family of three from Colombia (the parents of our retencion) that were old investigadores of my comp about 3 months ago came back from the norht!!! And, they cam eto church and are going to be ba´tized the 13th!!!!!!!! Such a miracle!!! I just love colombians!! Every colombian i have met is just super funny and happy, like they are the bomb! And their food is super good! (thats always a plus)
Well, my comp and i have just been blown away by all of the miracles we are seeing here in our sector! Like, we have been finding TONS of investigadores with tons of potencial, like its amazing!! And then they are all progressing!!! My comp and i have been talking about it a lot and we know that the Lord is hastening His work here! We have been able to feel a super strong spirit in the lessons as we testify of the truthefullness of our message to everyone. We have been working really hard to truely live the Gospel and be pure just like Christ is, and we have seen that we are happier and that the Spirit testifies even stronger through us as we tell these people that this is the truth and that they need to be baptized! It is just incredibel!
Well, a super funny story, we were in a pieza (a hallways with 10 rooms) and each room is like a house. So yeah, sunday morning and we were passing bout our haitian firnds to go to church with them. Well, while they were all getting ready, a neighbor was playing music so we had a miny dance party with them! jajaja is was super funny, like they were laughing at us gringos as we were doing our typical tontos bailes! jajaj but yeah, then they all went to church (they all dressed so SWAG!!!) jaja and they all loved it! So now we will be working with them so that they get baptized!!!
Anoher funny story, we were in a lesson with a few haitians that dont speak anything of spanish. We were there with a member that speaks criol (their language) english and spanish and we had just finnished the lessin and they offered us a drink. It was ginger (like the root thingy), sugar and water. Wel, the first 10 sips were awesome! And then not soo much…. So i managed about hal of it and then said to my comp “help a brother out” (i had eaten lots of his lunch that day because he couldnt finish it) so yeah, like a realy homie, he drank the rest of my drink! so yeah, sometimes people offer you interesting drinks!!
Bueno, Sé, sin ninguna duda, que al vivir el Evangelio de Jesucristo, seremos felices y tendremos el Espíritu como nuestro compañero constante. Él testificará a través de nosotros a fin de que los hijos de Dios reciban testimonios de que ésta es la iglesia verdadero de Jesucristo. Amo a Dios por habernos dado el Evangelio y Su Espíritu Santo. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!

Élder Tenney


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