It’s snot funny that we have been sick…

Hey guys!!!!!! Wow, sounds like you are just exhausted but that everything came out a success!!! That is super awesome! ANd now you have time to relax and enjoy that last two weeks of summer…. oh gosh… i get home after this school year…….. yeah just dont go to school so i dont have to come home, jajaja
well, i tried to put a funny pun in the title! But yeah, this has been an interesting week! Ill tell you how it started….
Once upon a time for tired missionaries we sleeping when one of then suddenly jumped from his old, noisy upper bunk and ran to the bathroom…. well, my comp got sick. So yeah, all monday and tuesday we barely worked because he was sick. Wednesday he was a lot better and we worked in the afternoon. Thursday i woke up and was SUPER resfriado (Esteban, vos podés traducir porfa?) and yeah, i slept all morning and we worked in the aternoon. Then the rest of the week my comp was better and i had to sleep in themorning because i was just exhausted from my cold…… we worked lots in the afternoons and finished the week!! Well, the Lord saw our faith and our sacrifice and blessed us with health and miracles!!! We finnished the week with a family of three that is getting baptized this weekend!!!! HAHAHA so yeah, sacrifice and obedience bring fourth blessings!!!

Well, i dont have lots of time, but here is a super funny story! We got to Church this weekend in the second hour becuase we were looking for investigadores and we went to the Gospel rinciples class. Well, there were like 12 haitians there….. we didnt even invite any to come, they just keep going and they always invite their firends….. like it is soooo funny!!! There are so many that there are now classes for them so that they can learn spanish!!! So we hope to work with them even more!
Bueno, Sé que Cristo vive y que Él es mi Salvador. Sé que Él sufrió en la cruz por mi, y que gracias a eso, puedo tener paz y felicidad en mi vida al obedecer los mandamientos de Dios. Sé que Ellos nos aman y que somos miembros de la iglesia verdadera de Jesucristo. Sé que hay profetas y apóstoles vivientes y dejo esto en el nombre de JEsucristo, amen!
LEs quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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