Work, Work, and Work!

Buena buena los cabros!!!!!! 
Yeah that frase is a lot better with chilean pronuncation….. sorry, youll hear it sometime if i come home, jajaja. 
Well, sounds like all is tranquilito up there in Utah (in Chile they say Yuta, ask stephen to pronounce that word because the y is like a j sound here) but yeah, just chilling before school starts again!
Well, all is well here, we are just doing the Lords work and doing His will. We have been tried a lit this past week, but with trials comes understanding, learning, and growth! So its always good to have trials, its one of the reason we are here, so that we grow and learn! 
Well, we had an awesome investigador come to Church! So it was a miracle, my comp and i were contacting in a few alley ways with houses and we left this alley and we just felt like we needed to pass by this antiguo investigador. Like, we tried to contact him like a month ago without success, his number was wrong, but we were just like “yeah lets visit him” Well, it was a prompting from the Spirit, of course. We walked on over and he was moving a drying machine in his house (havent used one of those in a while!). Well, we helped and he said, “Did you come to help or did you come for me?” well we told him that we came to talk with him. We had a short, but spiritual lesson and he told us that he was going to be baptized about 6 months ago, but that he left in an emergency to Perú. Well, he came back and is now progresing a ton! I testify that the Spirit does help and guide us as we strive to do the Lords work!
Another awesome thing that i have been trying to do is, in every moment, ask myself “What would Christ do?” Sounds funny, but i feel the sprit more strongly as i earnestly greet people with a smile, as i try to love and compliment those that i work with, and as i dont say things that could hurt and offend. Truely living a Christ like life is a better, happier, cleaner life.
Testifico de Cristo. Él es nuestro ejemplo, Él es nuestro Salvador. Él, siendo perfect, es nuestra luz y sufrió para que pudiésemos cambiar por medio de Su expiación. Sé que al esforzarnos por ser más como Cristo, sentiremos el poder de la expiación en nuestras vidas. Las escrituras siempre dicen que debemos recordarle a Él. Eso nos ayuda a aplicar Sus enseñanzas para que seamos semejantes a Él. Testifico de esto en el nombre sagrado de nuestro Redentor y Ejemplo, Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!

Élder Tenney
fotos! The first working doorknob ive seen in 14 months!!!!!


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