Cambios y Calor

Hey guys, how are you doing???? First ooff, is ask for disculopas because this keyboard is liike super bad….. just like my english, jajajaja well thats ok.
Well, sounds like everyone is doing well! Felicitaciones a Becky!!! And it sounds like an awesome summer is winding down so now ill be gettinglameemails for thenext…. we just wont say how much longer.
Well, for starters, my comphad Changes. I am still in Avenida MAtta, Repùblica and my new comp is Elder Cachari de Bolivia!!!! Woooo me second latino comp in 14 meses!!! Jajajapretty funny, right? So i dont know a lot about him, ive been with him for like 2 hours.Both his parents are members andhis sister is in Perù right now!
Well, the workis going well! Weve got an investigador that is pregressing super well!!! Hes got abaptismal date for this Saturday!!!!! Weve also got 2 haitians that we are working with! A funny story about them, we went with our hatian member to teach him and we got there and entered in his house. Well, we sat down, and anoather haitian camein, thenanother, then the other left, and anoather came in. Well, in one moment, there was about 8 of them and we were just 2 gringos sitting there listengin them all sopeak Criol and we just felt so out of place…. it washilarious!!!! So yeah, things thathappen en la misiòn!
Bueno, discùlpenme por el correo fome. Este teclado me tiene chato ya. Pero quiere testificarles del poder y realidad del Espìritu Santo. Sè que Èl trabaja con nosotros y que Èl testifica al corazòn de las personas para que puedan tener su propio testimonio de la veracidad de estas cosas. Sè que Èl nos purifica y santifica y que por causa de esto, podemos perseverar hast el fin. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!
Mwen konè ki Jezikri viv. Li sè sovè-nu. Mwen Konè ki li viv. En nom de Jezikri, amen!
Los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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