Bendiciones, Blessings, Bendiçaos, epi bennidiksyon

Hey hey hey!!!!!! o como los chilenos, Buena Buena (tienen que escucharlo para que salga bien). Well, im glad to hear that you are all returning to school! It seems like Mark and Jared have tons of my past teacher, so that should be super fun! No sean chupamedias (teachers pets) jajaja.
Well, we have been very blessed lately! My new comp is super awesome. His name is Elder Cahcari from La Paz, Bolivia. Hes been out in the mission for about 8 months and is super dedicated. He wants to work hard, he teaches super well, he has a strong testimony, and we get aong very well!
So, someting super fun this week, we went on divisions with a greenie from the CCM!!!! So an Elder that had been in the CCM for 3 weeks was with us for like 3 hours!!! It was super fun! We taught a cool lesson, got some portazos (slammed doors) and ae some cool candie chilean that he had eaten! He had a super strong tesimony and t was fun to be with him!
Well, my comp and i this week finally found a reference that we had recieved from members about a month ago!!!! Well, the mom is a member and has 3 kids. Her husband isnt a member but wast home, but there was another man in the house so we were able to enter! Well, we had an amazing lesson. The kids a sooo well mannered and they all want to get baptized and the mom wants to return to church!!!! So that was a huge miracle!
well, no tengo mucho tiempo, lo siento, pero quisiera testificarles de la importancia del Espìritu Santo y el papel que tiene en nustras vidas. Sè que Èl puede ser nuestro compañero constante y que Èl nos ayudarà a que seamos semejantes a Cristo. Mosìah 3:19 dice que debemos “someternos al influjo del Espìritu” y sè que al hacerlo, nos purificaremos y seremos semejantes a nuestro Salvador. Nuestra luz brillarà a todos y ayudaremos a otros a llegar a este mensaje. Dejo esto en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!

los quiero!


Élder Tenney


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