A Week of Miracles

​ MAH01001.MP4​Hey guys!!!! How is everything going??? Sounds like you are all working hard!!! There is some good golfing and biking and tennis playing, so that is always good!!
Well, things are comeing together here!!! My companion and i have been working very hard in order to have success, but we just haven seen the results that we have wanted. I have learned a ton this change. I have really seen the Lords hand in the progres of our investigadores and how He truely knows them better than he knows us.
So we have this young, “pareja” as they say ni spanish, couple that is progressing really well. The husband had a few challenges with some commandments, but he had gotten rid of every temptation that he had in his house. We got there one dy and all was gone!!! It was incredible. We also were suprised when he asked us how to pay his tithing in church…. we havent even taught tithing yet!!!! So we have truely seen how the Spirit can take a person and mold him and change him into a more spiritual person!! 
This week i want to talk a lot about the amazing tool that God has gien us in our lives. This tool is called the Book of Mormon. I cant even explain how many times i have read this book and found answers to personal problems and questions that i have. The amount of help that we can recieve from our loving HEavenly Father in these pages is amazing. I hope that everyone can study this book more fully in order to come unto Christ and have better lives.
Sé, sin ninguna duda, que el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios traducido por Su profeta José Smith. Sé que solamente Dios pudo haberlo escrito a través de Sus profetas en la tierra a fin de que el mensaje ayudara a personas que lo leerían miles años después. Sé que al escudriñar el Libro de Mormón podremos encontrar la historia de nuestras vidas en esas páginas sagradas. Sé que Dios, nuestro Amoroso Padre Celestial, nos hablará de una manera tan personal que sentiremos Su amor. Sé que nos traerá más cerca de Dios. Invito a todos a poner más énfasis en su estudio del Libro de Mormón. Dejo este testimonio en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
ñinch with the bishop!!! (my comp with his sombrero for his bloody noses he gets)


Celebrando el 18 en Chile!!!

Buena buena!!!!!
How are the good ol United States???? It sounds like all is well, mom has got a nice new car. Havent seen one of those in a long time, jajaja. Stephen did a live translation in Spanish, Que genial, ¿no? jaja Mark is cruizing in his senior year and Jared is shredding it all up!!!
Well, all is nice a hot here!!! The sun is out and the people are inside!!! Well, not a lot this week. So pday was changed because this weekend was the 18 de Septiembre!!! That is the independance day in Chile!!! The way they celebrate is is very sad though…. Basically they just have a huge Barbeque (asaito en chileno) and drink…. so we had to go in early on sunday and on monday because there were literally lots of fights and accidents because evryone was drunk…… talk about a sad sight…..
But, our investigadores are progressing well!!! We havent been finding too many new investigadores, but we are working harder to find new investigadores. All of the investigadores that we have right now have been to church at least 1 time and want to get baptized…. the only problem is that they have to either get married, or repent a little more, and all of that takes time. So i have been learning a lot about patience, jajaja. Thats alwas a good thing!
Bueno, quisiera hablar de la importancia de la expiación en nuestras vidas. Primeramente, sé que la expiación de Cristo es INFINITA, lo cual significa que NO HAY NADA que no podamos superar. Cristo sufrió por todo. El diablo siempre nos susurra que así somos y que no podemos cambiar, pero eso es una mentira falsa y cruel. Nosotros sí podemos cambiar. Tenemos que cambiar. Se nos mandó cambiar para que fuéramos como Cristo. Sé y testifico con todo mi corazón que podemos cambiar y arrepentirnos. Siempre hay esperanza, siempre hay un nuevo comienzo, siempre hay cambios. Doy mi testimonio de la realidad de la expiación de Cristo. Él sufrió por nosotros y podemos cambiar mediante las condiciones del arrepentimiento. Dejo esto en el sagrado nombre de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, Amén!
Les quiero!!

Élder Tenney

It was hot…. but now its cold…..

Hey guys!!!! Hows the good old normal school life??? I hope that everyone is sacando la mugre!!!!! jajaja 
Well, life is good here!!! We had a hot week last week where we were walking around in just white shirts and ties feeling like real missionaries and getting sun burned and helping people repent and come unto Christ!! Then we woke up on sunday and it was super cold….. so yeah…. i hope we dont get sick because of that!
Well, this last week was a great week to learn to trust in the Lord!! We had some awesome miracles and some not some awesome trials…. but hey, the Lords has got His perfect plan for us! 
A super awessome miracle was that we were in a department building (where we technically cant contact, but we do anyways until the throw us out) and we found an INCREDIBLE investigadora!!!! So yeah, in the first lesson she just flat out told us her main problem and we applied the Gospel to her life and invited her to be baptized and she said “Yeah, i would really like to!!” So that was incredible!!! Jajaja but nfortunalty she got sick on saturday night and couldnt come to church….. so the Lord gave us a little trial of faith!
Well, a super funy story. So we are startig to do “Open Chapels” or like tours of the Church. And we did it on saturday and the whole zone was there working and running around and inviting everyone on the street to come and see the church. Well, the minister of religion of Chile came. And after he was the baptismal font, we started to fill it up (so that it would be more fun) and my ZL opened the twist hand thingy and water just started GUSHING out, jajajaja and he got soaked and trapped between a filling up font and a torrent of water!!!! So yeah, the water started spilling into the hall and we were running around trying to find the main water shut-off!!! Well, we finally found it, and fixed everything, but it was super funny!!! jajaja so yeah, things like that happen on the mission!
Bueno, quisiera hablar de la importancia de la caridad. La caridad es “el amor puro de Cristo” y el “vínculo de la perfección.” Si queremos tener paz, si queremos ser semejantes a Cristo, es necesario que desarrollemos este atributo divino. Como dice en Moroni 7, seremos semejantes a Cristo si tenemos ese atributos y que para recibirlo, necesitamos orar al Padre con toda la energía de nuestro corazón! Sé que al desarrollar la caridad, tendremos paz, gozo, y seremos semejantes a Cristo y luces al mundo. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!


Élder Tenney

Es Septiembre

Buena buena la vida es buena en Chile!!!!
Jajaja, sounds like everyone is getting settled into their schedules and are starting to start the rigid school life, menos mark since he is a senior…… jajaja feels like i graduated last week….
Well, all is good here. We are seeing more red, white and blue everyday!!! Here in Chile, once september starts, the people start to go crazy!!! They sell all sorts of chilean things and Flags are everywhere and its super cool!!! 
Something super funny this week, we were eating lunch with a member, and they showed us a commercial from a supermarket here. The commercial starts with 2 missionaries (a gringo and a latino with black placas and everything) knocking on the door and an old man opens it. The misionaries do a very bad contact by only saying “Do you wish to hear the word of God?” but the old man says “Of course, come in!” and then two guys jump into the doorway that were hiding and yell “THEY LET US IN!!!” (That is actually how we feel when they let us in, jaja). So yeah, all of Chile knows us a lot better!!!! Turn out that one of the guys that jumped out is a master chef in Chile that always does the commercial for this company and HE GOT BAPTIZED RECENTLY!!!! So yeah, he also talked about the Church and told everyone to listen to us, so a super funny commercial is helping us the spread the Gospel!!! TAlk about killing two birds with one stone!!!
So yeah, well the investigadores are progressing well. The are progrssing a little slower than we would like, but they are progressing! They are two haitians that have been coming to church that we will be working with that need to get married, so that makes 2 marriages that we need to arrange! Ill be an expert by the time i get home, jajaja. 
There is a frase that our old president always said “Trabajar no más” Which translates to “Just Work” kind of, not really, well those that speak spanish and especially those that speak chilean will understand. Anyways, its sooo true. We are here working amongst Gods children. They are His children. He obsiously wants them to get baptized and we need to trust (i totally just had to ask the other misionaries how to say “confiar” in english….) in that promise. If we show our faithing by working and doing our best, God will bless us with the mircales and we will be able to guide His children so that they make the right decisiones! Ive seen the fullfilment of that promise a lot lately and it is super awesome!
Bueno, en mis estudios, he estado enfocándome en cómo puedo ser más semejante a Cristo. Él nos mandó que fuéramos la “sal de la tierra” y nosotros necesitamos ser puros y limpios del pecado para que podamos cumplir con eso. Cuando impureza contamina sal, pierde su sabor, así que nosotros tenemos que ser puros y limpios de todo pecado para que seamos la “Sal de la tierra” Sé que al hacerlo, la gracias del Señor nos dará las fuerzas para que podamos “Someternos al influjo del Santo Espíritu ” (Mosíah 3:19) a fin de que podamos ser semejantes a Cristo y ser la luz que este mundo necesita desesperadamente.Invito a todos a que se haga un análisis personal a fin de encontrar las impurezas en sus vidas. Sé que Cristo vive, que sufrió a fin de darnos la oportunidad de llegar a ser semejantes a Él al vivir el Evangelio. Dejo esto en el nombre sagrado de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, amén! 

los quiero!!

Élder Tenney