Es Septiembre

Buena buena la vida es buena en Chile!!!!
Jajaja, sounds like everyone is getting settled into their schedules and are starting to start the rigid school life, menos mark since he is a senior…… jajaja feels like i graduated last week….
Well, all is good here. We are seeing more red, white and blue everyday!!! Here in Chile, once september starts, the people start to go crazy!!! They sell all sorts of chilean things and Flags are everywhere and its super cool!!! 
Something super funny this week, we were eating lunch with a member, and they showed us a commercial from a supermarket here. The commercial starts with 2 missionaries (a gringo and a latino with black placas and everything) knocking on the door and an old man opens it. The misionaries do a very bad contact by only saying “Do you wish to hear the word of God?” but the old man says “Of course, come in!” and then two guys jump into the doorway that were hiding and yell “THEY LET US IN!!!” (That is actually how we feel when they let us in, jaja). So yeah, all of Chile knows us a lot better!!!! Turn out that one of the guys that jumped out is a master chef in Chile that always does the commercial for this company and HE GOT BAPTIZED RECENTLY!!!! So yeah, he also talked about the Church and told everyone to listen to us, so a super funny commercial is helping us the spread the Gospel!!! TAlk about killing two birds with one stone!!!
So yeah, well the investigadores are progressing well. The are progrssing a little slower than we would like, but they are progressing! They are two haitians that have been coming to church that we will be working with that need to get married, so that makes 2 marriages that we need to arrange! Ill be an expert by the time i get home, jajaja. 
There is a frase that our old president always said “Trabajar no más” Which translates to “Just Work” kind of, not really, well those that speak spanish and especially those that speak chilean will understand. Anyways, its sooo true. We are here working amongst Gods children. They are His children. He obsiously wants them to get baptized and we need to trust (i totally just had to ask the other misionaries how to say “confiar” in english….) in that promise. If we show our faithing by working and doing our best, God will bless us with the mircales and we will be able to guide His children so that they make the right decisiones! Ive seen the fullfilment of that promise a lot lately and it is super awesome!
Bueno, en mis estudios, he estado enfocándome en cómo puedo ser más semejante a Cristo. Él nos mandó que fuéramos la “sal de la tierra” y nosotros necesitamos ser puros y limpios del pecado para que podamos cumplir con eso. Cuando impureza contamina sal, pierde su sabor, así que nosotros tenemos que ser puros y limpios de todo pecado para que seamos la “Sal de la tierra” Sé que al hacerlo, la gracias del Señor nos dará las fuerzas para que podamos “Someternos al influjo del Santo Espíritu ” (Mosíah 3:19) a fin de que podamos ser semejantes a Cristo y ser la luz que este mundo necesita desesperadamente.Invito a todos a que se haga un análisis personal a fin de encontrar las impurezas en sus vidas. Sé que Cristo vive, que sufrió a fin de darnos la oportunidad de llegar a ser semejantes a Él al vivir el Evangelio. Dejo esto en el nombre sagrado de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, amén! 

los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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