It was hot…. but now its cold…..

Hey guys!!!! Hows the good old normal school life??? I hope that everyone is sacando la mugre!!!!! jajaja 
Well, life is good here!!! We had a hot week last week where we were walking around in just white shirts and ties feeling like real missionaries and getting sun burned and helping people repent and come unto Christ!! Then we woke up on sunday and it was super cold….. so yeah…. i hope we dont get sick because of that!
Well, this last week was a great week to learn to trust in the Lord!! We had some awesome miracles and some not some awesome trials…. but hey, the Lords has got His perfect plan for us! 
A super awessome miracle was that we were in a department building (where we technically cant contact, but we do anyways until the throw us out) and we found an INCREDIBLE investigadora!!!! So yeah, in the first lesson she just flat out told us her main problem and we applied the Gospel to her life and invited her to be baptized and she said “Yeah, i would really like to!!” So that was incredible!!! Jajaja but nfortunalty she got sick on saturday night and couldnt come to church….. so the Lord gave us a little trial of faith!
Well, a super funy story. So we are startig to do “Open Chapels” or like tours of the Church. And we did it on saturday and the whole zone was there working and running around and inviting everyone on the street to come and see the church. Well, the minister of religion of Chile came. And after he was the baptismal font, we started to fill it up (so that it would be more fun) and my ZL opened the twist hand thingy and water just started GUSHING out, jajajaja and he got soaked and trapped between a filling up font and a torrent of water!!!! So yeah, the water started spilling into the hall and we were running around trying to find the main water shut-off!!! Well, we finally found it, and fixed everything, but it was super funny!!! jajaja so yeah, things like that happen on the mission!
Bueno, quisiera hablar de la importancia de la caridad. La caridad es “el amor puro de Cristo” y el “vínculo de la perfección.” Si queremos tener paz, si queremos ser semejantes a Cristo, es necesario que desarrollemos este atributo divino. Como dice en Moroni 7, seremos semejantes a Cristo si tenemos ese atributos y que para recibirlo, necesitamos orar al Padre con toda la energía de nuestro corazón! Sé que al desarrollar la caridad, tendremos paz, gozo, y seremos semejantes a Cristo y luces al mundo. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!


Élder Tenney


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