Celebrando el 18 en Chile!!!

Buena buena!!!!!
How are the good ol United States???? It sounds like all is well, mom has got a nice new car. Havent seen one of those in a long time, jajaja. Stephen did a live translation in Spanish, Que genial, ¿no? jaja Mark is cruizing in his senior year and Jared is shredding it all up!!!
Well, all is nice a hot here!!! The sun is out and the people are inside!!! Well, not a lot this week. So pday was changed because this weekend was the 18 de Septiembre!!! That is the independance day in Chile!!! The way they celebrate is is very sad though…. Basically they just have a huge Barbeque (asaito en chileno) and drink…. so we had to go in early on sunday and on monday because there were literally lots of fights and accidents because evryone was drunk…… talk about a sad sight…..
But, our investigadores are progressing well!!! We havent been finding too many new investigadores, but we are working harder to find new investigadores. All of the investigadores that we have right now have been to church at least 1 time and want to get baptized…. the only problem is that they have to either get married, or repent a little more, and all of that takes time. So i have been learning a lot about patience, jajaja. Thats alwas a good thing!
Bueno, quisiera hablar de la importancia de la expiación en nuestras vidas. Primeramente, sé que la expiación de Cristo es INFINITA, lo cual significa que NO HAY NADA que no podamos superar. Cristo sufrió por todo. El diablo siempre nos susurra que así somos y que no podemos cambiar, pero eso es una mentira falsa y cruel. Nosotros sí podemos cambiar. Tenemos que cambiar. Se nos mandó cambiar para que fuéramos como Cristo. Sé y testifico con todo mi corazón que podemos cambiar y arrepentirnos. Siempre hay esperanza, siempre hay un nuevo comienzo, siempre hay cambios. Doy mi testimonio de la realidad de la expiación de Cristo. Él sufrió por nosotros y podemos cambiar mediante las condiciones del arrepentimiento. Dejo esto en el sagrado nombre de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, Amén!
Les quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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