A Week of Miracles

​ MAH01001.MP4​Hey guys!!!! How is everything going??? Sounds like you are all working hard!!! There is some good golfing and biking and tennis playing, so that is always good!!
Well, things are comeing together here!!! My companion and i have been working very hard in order to have success, but we just haven seen the results that we have wanted. I have learned a ton this change. I have really seen the Lords hand in the progres of our investigadores and how He truely knows them better than he knows us.
So we have this young, “pareja” as they say ni spanish, couple that is progressing really well. The husband had a few challenges with some commandments, but he had gotten rid of every temptation that he had in his house. We got there one dy and all was gone!!! It was incredible. We also were suprised when he asked us how to pay his tithing in church…. we havent even taught tithing yet!!!! So we have truely seen how the Spirit can take a person and mold him and change him into a more spiritual person!! 
This week i want to talk a lot about the amazing tool that God has gien us in our lives. This tool is called the Book of Mormon. I cant even explain how many times i have read this book and found answers to personal problems and questions that i have. The amount of help that we can recieve from our loving HEavenly Father in these pages is amazing. I hope that everyone can study this book more fully in order to come unto Christ and have better lives.
Sé, sin ninguna duda, que el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios traducido por Su profeta José Smith. Sé que solamente Dios pudo haberlo escrito a través de Sus profetas en la tierra a fin de que el mensaje ayudara a personas que lo leerían miles años después. Sé que al escudriñar el Libro de Mormón podremos encontrar la historia de nuestras vidas en esas páginas sagradas. Sé que Dios, nuestro Amoroso Padre Celestial, nos hablará de una manera tan personal que sentiremos Su amor. Sé que nos traerá más cerca de Dios. Invito a todos a poner más énfasis en su estudio del Libro de Mormón. Dejo este testimonio en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
ñinch with the bishop!!! (my comp with his sombrero for his bloody noses he gets)


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