Miracles and Clashing Worlds!!!!

Buena buena la familia!!!!!! Parece que todos tuvieron un buen fin de semana!!!! Jajaja No hay nada mejor que partidos de Football, Biking, y la Conferencia General!!!!!
Well, i want to start of with an AMAZING story!!!!! Soooooo the other day my comp and i had to return home real quick to grab a french BoM for a haitian. Well, we left and i felt prompted to go a certain way, to take another route that we normaly dont take. Well we walked and walked and passed a man. HE said “HEy, are you Mormon missionaries” And we were like “Yeah, how are you?” and he said “I am from PAlmira, Colombia and just came down here to work, but my kids are members and the misionaries always came to our house” Sooooo, Stephen was in palmira, and i asked him if he knew stephen and he said “Yeah, he was in pamira like 8 months ago!!!” So INCREDIBLE!!!!!! The Spirit totally guided us to take a new path and we ran into an investigador that stephen knew FROM COLOMBIA!!!! So we passed the refence to the other Elders!!!!!!! The Spirit is soooo important in this work!!!
Another awesome miracle this week!!! So we went to our appointment with this young couple we are working with. We got there with a member that is helping them and they had just gotten back from shopping in the center. Well, they were taking our clothes when the husband said “Look, we bought church clothes!!!!” jajajaja that is just the best, when you never talk about this stuff and they just go ahead and do it!!!! Such a Testimony builder!!!
Well, we have also been working really hard with the members to get member referalls!! So this past week wegot 4 and contacted 3. All of them were familias PF (no everyone is a member) and they all have tons of potencial!!! It is sooo important to not only work with members, but to also work with Familias PF so that the whole family can recieve the blessings of the Lord!!!
Bueno, quiero testificarles de la importancia de seguir al Espíritu!!!! No solamente puede guirnos para que podamos ayudar a los hijos de Dios (como el ejemplo de arriba) pero también puede ayudarnos en la vida normal, en la relaciones que tenemos con personas y puede decirnos qué hacar para ayudar a esas personas!!! Ruego que todos puedan poner más énfasis en seguir al Espíritu! Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!


Élder Tenney


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