Totally Forgot To Write About Changes

Hey guys, how is it going??? Is it getting colder there? Its getting a lot hotter here and i am getting a lot tanner,jajaja!!!
Bueno, al tiro quiero disculparme porque este teclado es muy malo… de verdad, tengo que esforzarme mucho por escribir bien, jajaja.en fin
Well, i totally didnt write about changes…. so i didnt have changes, jajaja I will be staying here for a 4th change. That means i have been is each of my 3 sectors for 4 changes….. that is a lot of time, but there are always milagros to find and work to do!!!!
well, aa super awesome milagro happened this week!!!! So we went to church, and this young couple that we have been working with came and everything. Well, the husband payed his first tithing!!!! He isnt even a member and has already started to pay his tithing!!!!! Such a maquina!!!! 
Well, another awesome thing that happened, we went to the temple this past week!!! well, we went 2 times, first on saturday we went to 2 converts and this couple. Well the converts got to do baptisms which was awesomse, adn then the couple was allowed to enter into the temple until the recepciòn and sit odown andjust feel the spirit!!!1 It was INCREDIBLE!!!1 It made me sooo happy that they were able to enter into the temple to really feel the spirit and the truthefullness of the Gospel!!!
Then my comp and i went to the temple today in the morning and did a session!!! Wel, the session was amazing!!! I saw an elder that was in the CCM with me (from anohter mission) and then when we were leaving the Celestial room, the asked us to do sealings!! So we gotto be the Children and the witnesses in a few sealings!!! that was the irst time that i had ever done that, so it was super cool!!
Quisiera testificar de la importancia de los templos! Sè que son los lugares màs sagrados en la tierra y que son literalmente la casa del Señor!! Sè que a veces es difìcil ir al templo, pero sè que seremos muy bendecidos al esforzarnos por ir. Como misionero. enseñamos de que las familias pueden ser eternas por medio de las ordenanzas del templo. y esa bendiciòn es una de las mas grandes que hay. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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