And the rain came tumbling down…

Hey!! how is it going back there in the good ol United States??? Sounds like there are football games, homework, and lots of fun and work to do!!!! Jajaja Sounds just like the mission menos football games and homework!! (its so great not worrying about homework!)
Well, as the title says, saturday the rain came tumbling down…. it rained a lot… and we were soaked!!! A funny thing that happened during the rain: We were with a member and we were contacintg. We entered into a little side street where there were a few houses and knoecked on the first door. The rejected us rudely (that happens at times). The next door they also rejected us rudely…. and the next door…. and the next door…. then a nice man talked to us for a little but didnt want to hear our message…. and the rest of the houses the rejected us rudely…. but one of the houses was super funny. So it was just pouring rain and we knocked on the door. A woman oponed the door and imedietly said “Im busy” and i just looked at her and said “We are soaking wet, can we come in?” (that has worked for me before, jajaja) but no… she shut the door……… jajaja so that was funny. You just have to laugh when things like that happen.
Well, we had an amazing lesson this week with this young couple we are working with. We taught them the Law of Chastity. And we felt inspired to promise them that if they got married and baptized, they would find a house that they were looking for. Well, the spirit was in the lesson and it was strong, like brings tears to your eyes strong. So we invited them to go the the Civil Center (Registro Civil in spanish, i dont know what the translation is) and the husband looked at us and said “Well talk about it” and then winked at us without his girfriend seeing. Well on sunday, i asked him about how their conversation went and he told me “I want to propose to her properly before we go!!!” So that is a MASIVE development in their progress. So they should be getting married real soon so that they can get baptized!!!!
Bueno, esta semana quisiera testificar de la divinidad de Jesucristo. Últimamente he estado pensando en Su misericordia y los muchos milagros y las bendiciones que me ha dado. La bendición más grande que nos ha dado es Su expiación, la cual es infinita y real. Sé que no hay nada que sea más poderoso que la expiación. No existe ningún desafío, ninguna tentación ni ningún obstáculo que no podamos superar. Sé que la expiación es real, con todo mi ser lo sé. Sé que al aplicar la expiación a nuestras vidas diariamente, podemos sentir la paz y el gozo que el Salvador siempre nos promete. Doy gracias por la expiación del Salvador y por Su amor y misericordia por nosotros. Dejo este testimonio en el nombre sagrado de nuestro Salvador y Amigo Fiel, Jesucristo, amén.}
los quiero!

Élder Tenney


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