The Love Doctors

Well, sounds like it was a great week!!! Mark danced and drove the golf cart (i havent even seena single golf cart in chile….) Stephen went to school and on a few dates. Dad worked, mom also worked, and JAred is just chillin like a villan!!!
Well, this wek has been awesome. AAs youcan probably imagine from the title, there was a big development in the couple!!! SOOOOOOo last monday we got a call from his almost wife and she was like “Hey, ive got news to tell you, we are getting married in December!!!!” So yeah, he poroposed and then went to the Registro Civil and are getting married in December!!! So we are SOOOOO excited for them, and yes, we have been helping a little with the weddingplaning, so we are love doctors (not really, but sounds cool) jajaja. 
Besides them, we are working with a few other investigadores We are working with a litle hatian family!!! We also goover withhaitian members and they always correct my poor ability to speak their language, but ohwell, that is how you learn, jajaja. 
Hey, i dont now if i have told you, but Elder Rasband and 2 other seventiesa are coming to our mission next month!!!!! i am soooo stoked!!!! It is going to be like the Super Bowl, but for missionaries!!!!! Jajaja anytime there is something like they we always go crazay….. youll understand when your on themission, jajaja
Well, i want to share an amazing story from this week, from yesterday actually. So, we were in the corner of our sector working and i pulled out my agenda to tally up a few numbers. Well, we had the impression to see if a memer was home that lived SUPER faar away…. he brought a friend to church and we wanted totalk with him. so we went. like 30 minutes later, we got there andhe wasn thome….. so we called him and he told us he was by the church. Soooo we walked another 20 minutes to the church. Well, we waited there for like 20 moreminutes (we talked to a few haitians while we waited) anyways, i wanted to leave and keep working, but as i prayed in my head i felt imressed to wait a litlemore. so we waited for like 10 more miutes. Well, we decided to go and headed back to our sector. I was a litle confused about why all this hadhappened andhosetly felt that we had wasted a laittle bit of time. Well, while walking, athe Lord guided us and we were walking in a little patch of grass between the 2 sides of a main street. Well, a woman was walking with her dogs there and she glanced at us as if she had had a question. Well, we walked by and the spirit said “You have to talk to her” So i pulled out my agenda to do the classic “im looking at my agenda as if we were lost so that they people come by and we can talk to them ” missionay trick. Well, we started talking to her about her dogs (anoather good missionary trick) and she imedietly asked “What do you guys do?” Well, we talked for like 20 minutes and set up an appointment to pass by her department in the week. While i was thinking about that i realized the HUGE MIRACLE this was. Our Heavenly Father in His perfect knowledge had prompted us ALL AROUND the sector and told us to go here, go there, wait and go there and HE put is perfectly in the way to talk with one of His daughters. I know and bear testimony that God knows us. He guides us. He knows everyone of His children and He knows when and where we need to be to help them.
Quisiera testificar de la grandeza de Nuestro Padre celestial. Sé, tan seguramente que yo vivo, que Él vive. Él nos conoce. Él nos ama. Él vela por nosotros y quiere ayudarnos a recibir este mensaje. Sé que Cristo es Su Hijo Amado que murió por nosotros. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!

Élder Tenney
here are fotos of a sweet luge and the couple that is getting married (and i am eating a completo)


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