Where’s Waldo Missionary Style!!!

Buena Buena los Cabros!!!!!!
Well, it sounds like it was a great Thanksgiving break!!! My comp and i ate some turkey and mashed potatoes this past wednesday in memory of Thanks Giving!!! And it is good to know that Oak Creek is now the Turley Bowl Champ!!!! jajaja
WEll, like the title says, we were totally playing Wheres Waldo with an investigadora this week…. it was super funny and at the same time a HUGE miracle. So, like, she went to church on sunday and said that we were going to pass by afterwards, and she wasnt there….. well we went by again on tuesday and set up an apointment for wednesday and she wasnt there…… then we passed by on thursday and she wasnt there…… and friday she wasnt there either….. so yeah…… jajaja we were like “What happening?” and we were like laughing and confused at the same time. WELL saturday comes by and WE FOUND HER AT HOME!!!! Sooo we had a GREAT lesson with here and we invited her to be baptized, to which she responded “Actually, i was thinking if i should get baptized in JAnuary or December” Soooo, we were patient and diligent and the Lord blessed us and now we have the oportunity to help His daughter make the baptismal covenant with Him!! Such an amazing miracle!!!

Well, something SUPER funny about my comp is that he LOVES to run, not like run in the morning, but like spontaniously (no idea how to speel that word) running around, for example: We were walking and he just looks at me and says “Elder, follow me” and starts running, well we were chasing a man that was in a cart that was being pulled by a horse….. we didnt catch up to him and when we stopped running he told me “that guy sold milk in my other sector and i wanted to say hi to him” jajajaja or like the other day when we were walking and a little kid with his dad said hi to us. Well, we kept walking then he turns around and starts running again. Well we ran and found the kid with his family and it was a recent convert whose husband isnt a member (it was actually a HUGE miracle that we found them), and just last night, we came out of a lesson and had to run to catch the bus on time…. so yeah, its always super funny because 1, we cant run by dogs, they start to chase you (they have chased me before) and 2) everybody just looks at you with an expression on their face like “Why are the mormons running?” so yeah, its super fun!!!
Bueno, esta semana quisiera testificarles del gran cambio del corazón. Alma hijo testifica osadamente de la necesidad de tener un gran cambio en el corazón. Me encanta esta doctrina, de hecho es una de mis favoritas. Por medio del Espíritu Santo, podemos cambiar los deseos más íntimos que tenemos para que sean más puros, más en armonía con la voluntad de Dios. Testifico de que al hacerlo, seremos más puros y podremos servir más eficazmente al Señor. De esto testifico en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!!!!


Élder Tenney
ps, i can take fotos, but the chip is a little messed up and the computer wont read it…. so ill try and changes chips or something to sen pictures


Good Poisening and Hard Work

HEy Guys!!!!!! How is it all going up there where it is starting to get noce and cold????? First off, HAppy Birthday to Mom, Dad, and Stephen!!!! I just noticed that i didnt say happy birthday in my letters…. Dont worry, decorated those days in my Agenda with little presents and everything, so you were far from forgotten!!!
Well, my new sector is AWESOME!!!! It is super chill, like there is only one dangerous part, but we never work there anyways. The cool thing about this sector is that it has TONS of potencial. So here in the mission we have this tool called “El Rescate” that is a list of all members that live in the ward. Well, there are like 600 menos and inactivos which is really sad. The good side of that is is that there is TONS of potential to reactivate and baptize. The majority of these people are part member families!!! So we have been working super hard to contact these people and set up appointments to teach them!!!
Well, we had one amazing miracle this week. We had a reference from the Zone Leaders and we went by one day but the person wasnt there…. happens a lot. Then another day we were close by and had the impression to go by and she was home!!!! We quickly ran by a members house so that he went with us and we had a great lesson with her. She told us that her sons were Menos activos from Perú and that she wants to go to church and improve her relationship with God!!! So she came to church and loved it!!! It was super awesome!! Such a great blessing!!!
Well, my comp and i were working SUPER hard the whole week. We had been passing by all these people, we had been meeting the members, and asking for references and we didnt quite see the success we wanted. Well finally we had a AMZING day planned. We had teaching appointments the whole day with various people and we were STOKED to work!!! Well, that night i woke up at 1 in the morning……. and well yeah, i got food poisenging…… and was up all night with a bad stomach…… and so we had to cancel EVERY appointment the next day…… My comp and i were pretty upset, but then we started thinking about Eter 12:6 and 12 that talk about how we must be tried before we see the miracles. So we decided to be positive and we simply saw this as a little trial before the miracles came. It simply was just God´s will.
Sé que muchas veces tenemos pruebas que nos hacen pensar “Qué mal hemos hechos?” o cosas similares. Simplemente nosotros tenemos que hacer nuestro mejor y aceptar la voluntad de un Amoroso Padre Celestial. Él sabe qué es mejor para nosotros y cómo ayudarnos a ´progresar y aprender las lecciones necesarias. Sé que al confiar en Él, tendremos paz cuando parece que el mundo se derriba ante nosotros. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
ps, something happened with my camera and i couldnt access the fotos this week, so sorry!!!!!


Buena buena la familia!!!
Well, like the title says, i had changes today!!! So a super funny story about the changes. I am here in the center and i had to haul ALL of my SUPER HEAVY bags to MAipú because i also had an interview with President, jajaja So after a lot of effort and breaks and sore arms i made it to Maipú!! Well all went well, i got my new comp and he tells me “we live far away from the sector, actually we live in República…” so yeah, my new house is like 20 minutes away from my old one….. so i hauled ALL OF MY BAGS to Maipú just to have the pleasure of hauling them ALL THE WAY back to República…. so i now have rubber arms….
Sooooo, my new companion is a really good friend of mine in the mission. His name is Elder Guardado from Fontana, California. His parents are Mexicans and he grew up in the states. I already knew him and he is a great, hard working Elder and i am STOKED to be with him. I am now in the stake Ochagavía, which is the “adventure Zone” as we call it. It is in Pedro Aguirre Cerda and it is a sketchy at times. I havent been in the sector yet, but everyone knows that this stake is a little more dangerous and i am STOKED as ever!!!! jajaja, my sector is one of the more tranquilo ones, but ill be able to tell you more next week!
Well, in my other sector, all is well. The matrimonio is progressing super well and are still stoked to get married and baptized!!!! Besides them we really didnt have a lot of other investigadores, but somethimes that happens.
Bueno, sé que este correo fue más fome, pero la próxima semana va a ser genial!!! Se lo prometo!! Pero quisiera hablar acerca de la obediencia. LA obediencia, como todos saben, es una manera en que demostramos nuestro amor por Dios y recibimos bendiciones. Sin embargo, quisiera hablar acerca de un otro aspecto. La obediencia nos cambia, o sea, al obedecer y vivir el Evangelio de Jesucristo, nosotros, nuestros pensamientos, nuestras creencias, nuestros deseos y todo cambian y se hacen más puros. Sé que la obediencia nos purifica y nos lleva a la casa de nuestro Padre Celestial. Sé que la obediencia es una de las cosas más importantes en nuestras vidas. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!!

Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
ps, something happened and i cant send fotos, ill send a ton next week!

The Week

Hey guys, how is it all going back home??? it sounds like sports are starting, there are lots of parties, and lots of traveling!! Such a busy but fun life!!!
Well, this week was a bit tougher. My comp and i were working, but we just didnt see the reults that we hoped for. That happens sometimes on the mission, jajja
Well, we had a sweet meeting this week in the mission for all of the District LEaders!!!! So, in the mission under Presidente BArreiros, the mission was vary vary different, but with President Woodward lots of things have changed. It was super fum to see all of the Elders from my group and those got came ti the mission a change or two after i got here. We had a great time sharing expiriences and crying about how much time we all have now…. but anyways, we learned a TON about how we can be better District Leaders!!! it was super awesome and i am going to work hard to set goals and do them so that my district gets better and so that we can ahieve more!!!
Bueno, lo siento por el correo fome. No pasó mucho esta semana…. pero quisiera testificarles de la realidad de la expiación de Jesucristo. Sé que Él sufrió los dolores, las tentaciones, los pecados, todo por nosotros. Lo hizo porque nos ama y para ayudarnos a lograr aún más en nuestras vidas. Sé que al esforzarnos por lograr aún más al utilizar la expiación, sentiremos el gran poder de ello en nuestras vidas. Lo sé con todo mi corazón. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!
Los quiero!!!

Last Week’s Email

Buena buena la familia!!!!! Cómo está la vida arriba en los estados???
Well, Im glad that all is well!!! This letter will probs be a little shorter, sorry!!! But i am sooo glad to here about Blake!!! That is such a great mirale!!! It is so true that the Lord loves every single child and watches out for them! Keep me posted on how that goes!!
Well, this week was super awesome!!! We have seen a lot more results lately and we are super excited!!!
Well, an interesting story that has to do with obedience and diligence, we were waiting for a Sister to give us lunch and the time was running (we only have an hour for lunch, i can now eat super fast!!!) and my comp and i decided to leave real quick to pass by a reference from a member. Well we left and ran by this reference. We set up an appointment for after lunch. Well we ate lunch and then went to the appointment and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! She told us that she went to the church before and that she wants to get baptized!!!! So, as we were diligent and obedient at the same time, the Lord was able to use us to help another one of His children to start to repent and come unto him.
We also had another miracle that has to do with diligence. We were in divisions and i Comp was with another elder in the sector. Well we got home that night and told me that while he was waiting for other investigadores to arrive home, he ran by an the house of an old investigador and found him!!! The old investigador is now working with us again and wants to be baptized as well!!! So as we were diligent, the Lord was able to help us help His Children!!
Bueno, testifico de que al ser diligentes, seremos bendecidos y seremos instrumentos en las manos del Señor. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney