Last Week’s Email

Buena buena la familia!!!!! Cómo está la vida arriba en los estados???
Well, Im glad that all is well!!! This letter will probs be a little shorter, sorry!!! But i am sooo glad to here about Blake!!! That is such a great mirale!!! It is so true that the Lord loves every single child and watches out for them! Keep me posted on how that goes!!
Well, this week was super awesome!!! We have seen a lot more results lately and we are super excited!!!
Well, an interesting story that has to do with obedience and diligence, we were waiting for a Sister to give us lunch and the time was running (we only have an hour for lunch, i can now eat super fast!!!) and my comp and i decided to leave real quick to pass by a reference from a member. Well we left and ran by this reference. We set up an appointment for after lunch. Well we ate lunch and then went to the appointment and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! She told us that she went to the church before and that she wants to get baptized!!!! So, as we were diligent and obedient at the same time, the Lord was able to use us to help another one of His children to start to repent and come unto him.
We also had another miracle that has to do with diligence. We were in divisions and i Comp was with another elder in the sector. Well we got home that night and told me that while he was waiting for other investigadores to arrive home, he ran by an the house of an old investigador and found him!!! The old investigador is now working with us again and wants to be baptized as well!!! So as we were diligent, the Lord was able to help us help His Children!!
Bueno, testifico de que al ser diligentes, seremos bendecidos y seremos instrumentos en las manos del Señor. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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