Buena buena la familia!!!
Well, like the title says, i had changes today!!! So a super funny story about the changes. I am here in the center and i had to haul ALL of my SUPER HEAVY bags to MAipú because i also had an interview with President, jajaja So after a lot of effort and breaks and sore arms i made it to Maipú!! Well all went well, i got my new comp and he tells me “we live far away from the sector, actually we live in República…” so yeah, my new house is like 20 minutes away from my old one….. so i hauled ALL OF MY BAGS to Maipú just to have the pleasure of hauling them ALL THE WAY back to República…. so i now have rubber arms….
Sooooo, my new companion is a really good friend of mine in the mission. His name is Elder Guardado from Fontana, California. His parents are Mexicans and he grew up in the states. I already knew him and he is a great, hard working Elder and i am STOKED to be with him. I am now in the stake Ochagavía, which is the “adventure Zone” as we call it. It is in Pedro Aguirre Cerda and it is a sketchy at times. I havent been in the sector yet, but everyone knows that this stake is a little more dangerous and i am STOKED as ever!!!! jajaja, my sector is one of the more tranquilo ones, but ill be able to tell you more next week!
Well, in my other sector, all is well. The matrimonio is progressing super well and are still stoked to get married and baptized!!!! Besides them we really didnt have a lot of other investigadores, but somethimes that happens.
Bueno, sé que este correo fue más fome, pero la próxima semana va a ser genial!!! Se lo prometo!! Pero quisiera hablar acerca de la obediencia. LA obediencia, como todos saben, es una manera en que demostramos nuestro amor por Dios y recibimos bendiciones. Sin embargo, quisiera hablar acerca de un otro aspecto. La obediencia nos cambia, o sea, al obedecer y vivir el Evangelio de Jesucristo, nosotros, nuestros pensamientos, nuestras creencias, nuestros deseos y todo cambian y se hacen más puros. Sé que la obediencia nos purifica y nos lleva a la casa de nuestro Padre Celestial. Sé que la obediencia es una de las cosas más importantes en nuestras vidas. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!!

Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
ps, something happened and i cant send fotos, ill send a ton next week!


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