The Week

Hey guys, how is it all going back home??? it sounds like sports are starting, there are lots of parties, and lots of traveling!! Such a busy but fun life!!!
Well, this week was a bit tougher. My comp and i were working, but we just didnt see the reults that we hoped for. That happens sometimes on the mission, jajja
Well, we had a sweet meeting this week in the mission for all of the District LEaders!!!! So, in the mission under Presidente BArreiros, the mission was vary vary different, but with President Woodward lots of things have changed. It was super fum to see all of the Elders from my group and those got came ti the mission a change or two after i got here. We had a great time sharing expiriences and crying about how much time we all have now…. but anyways, we learned a TON about how we can be better District Leaders!!! it was super awesome and i am going to work hard to set goals and do them so that my district gets better and so that we can ahieve more!!!
Bueno, lo siento por el correo fome. No pasó mucho esta semana…. pero quisiera testificarles de la realidad de la expiación de Jesucristo. Sé que Él sufrió los dolores, las tentaciones, los pecados, todo por nosotros. Lo hizo porque nos ama y para ayudarnos a lograr aún más en nuestras vidas. Sé que al esforzarnos por lograr aún más al utilizar la expiación, sentiremos el gran poder de ello en nuestras vidas. Lo sé con todo mi corazón. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!
Los quiero!!!


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