Good Poisening and Hard Work

HEy Guys!!!!!! How is it all going up there where it is starting to get noce and cold????? First off, HAppy Birthday to Mom, Dad, and Stephen!!!! I just noticed that i didnt say happy birthday in my letters…. Dont worry, decorated those days in my Agenda with little presents and everything, so you were far from forgotten!!!
Well, my new sector is AWESOME!!!! It is super chill, like there is only one dangerous part, but we never work there anyways. The cool thing about this sector is that it has TONS of potencial. So here in the mission we have this tool called “El Rescate” that is a list of all members that live in the ward. Well, there are like 600 menos and inactivos which is really sad. The good side of that is is that there is TONS of potential to reactivate and baptize. The majority of these people are part member families!!! So we have been working super hard to contact these people and set up appointments to teach them!!!
Well, we had one amazing miracle this week. We had a reference from the Zone Leaders and we went by one day but the person wasnt there…. happens a lot. Then another day we were close by and had the impression to go by and she was home!!!! We quickly ran by a members house so that he went with us and we had a great lesson with her. She told us that her sons were Menos activos from Perú and that she wants to go to church and improve her relationship with God!!! So she came to church and loved it!!! It was super awesome!! Such a great blessing!!!
Well, my comp and i were working SUPER hard the whole week. We had been passing by all these people, we had been meeting the members, and asking for references and we didnt quite see the success we wanted. Well finally we had a AMZING day planned. We had teaching appointments the whole day with various people and we were STOKED to work!!! Well, that night i woke up at 1 in the morning……. and well yeah, i got food poisenging…… and was up all night with a bad stomach…… and so we had to cancel EVERY appointment the next day…… My comp and i were pretty upset, but then we started thinking about Eter 12:6 and 12 that talk about how we must be tried before we see the miracles. So we decided to be positive and we simply saw this as a little trial before the miracles came. It simply was just God´s will.
Sé que muchas veces tenemos pruebas que nos hacen pensar “Qué mal hemos hechos?” o cosas similares. Simplemente nosotros tenemos que hacer nuestro mejor y aceptar la voluntad de un Amoroso Padre Celestial. Él sabe qué es mejor para nosotros y cómo ayudarnos a ´progresar y aprender las lecciones necesarias. Sé que al confiar en Él, tendremos paz cuando parece que el mundo se derriba ante nosotros. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
ps, something happened with my camera and i couldnt access the fotos this week, so sorry!!!!!


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