Wait, it’s not Monday today?

Hey!!!! Long time no see!!!! How are you? HAs anythinbg changed since sunday? I hope not!!!! hahaha

Well, today is not monday…… its tuesday….. it just happened that i was in the church from 9 in the morning until 5 thirty in the afternoon helping the zone with all of their changes and witing for new missionaries. It was super fun!!! I got to know the zone better and share some time with them!! So yeah, it was a great pday. But this mormoing i have time to write and do my compras and all of that.
ANYWAYS, there were changes. Elder Nalesso left (i dont know where he is…) and we had an epic week together and we baptized together! So itr was awesome! But my new companion is Elder Arcos from Barcelona, Spain!!!! so we have been together for like 24 hours…. still dont know a lot about him. I just know that he is an INCREDIBLE missionary. We had a lesson this morning with a family we found last week, and they way he teaches blew my mind. He is sooo focused on their understanding of the Gospel. It was one of the best lecciones ive had on the mission. It is going to be a super fun change!!!!
So yeah, ummm well the zone is super cool. There are 22 missionaries and i know the majority of them. It is the second biggest zone in the mission (Area and Missionarie wise) and spans about 2 hours in auto from one side to the other….. its the only zonbe where the district mettings arent in the same chapel…. in the rest of the mission they are in the same chapel. But yeah, the are all incredible missionaries. They are obedient, they work hard, and the Lord has been blessing us inmesnly!!! I am so happy and blessed to be in this zone!!!
So, a super cool story. So we were teaching this young couple and their 7 year old son (that turns 8 next week, gotta love it!) this morming. We were in a super spiritual moment, like their eyes were just beaming while they heard this message and while we testified of the blessings they will have. Well my comp asked another on eif his incredible questions and they dad said “you know what stood out to my most when you came by the other day. I was outside working, and 2 groups of people from other churches came by my house. Not one of them offered to help me, they kept on walking, but you guys offered to help. That stood out to me soo much that after you left that day, i told my wife!” man….. that almost brought me to tears….. I was just sooo grateful that the Lord had changed me to be more like Him to the point where my actions could help another child of God recieve this message……. i was so humbled by his response…. like it just blew me away…..
Siempre he hablado, y siempre hablarè de la importancia de ser como Cristo. Cuando hable de ello, siempre se me vienen a la mente dos escrituras. La primera estàn en 3 Nefi, versìculo 48 que dice “quisiera que fueses perfectos asì como yo, o como vuestro Padre que està en los cielos es perfecto” asì que se nos manda ser perfectos, o sea, ser como Cristo. Muchos se podrìan desanimar al pensar en eso, pero me encanta explicar esta escritura con otra muy conocida en 1 Nefi 3:7 “… irè y harè lo que el Señor ha mandado, porque sè que Èl nunca da mandamientos a los hijos de los hombres sin prepararles la vìa para que cumplan lo que les ha mandado” Asì que es posible. El Señor preparò la vìa. Por medio de la majestuosa Expiaciòn de Cristo nosotros podemos cambiar para ser como Cristo. No importa cuanto hayamos pecado, quienes seamos, donde vivamos, el Señor ha preparado la vìa para que todos cambien. Lo sè con todo mi corazòn. Sè que podemos cambiar. De esto testifico en el sagrado nombre de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, amèn!

los quiero

Élder Tenney


Special things happened this week!!!

BUENA BUENA LA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!! (one more week and you will hear it for realzz)
Well, i am glad that things are safe there, it sounds like you had a great expirience with the huge strom. That is suuuuuppper crazy that it was snowing with thunder and lightning and raining. It makes me remember that time we drove to deer valley and it was raining the whole time and then when we got a little higher up, it turned to pure snow and there was just tons of powder!!!!!!
Welll, like i said, i have some big news this week, well, it was thursday and my comp and i were sitting in the chapel eating lunch. I was reading a talk and then the phone rang. Well it was the Zone LEaders, they called me from Maipù (one of them went home a week before the change ended to be at home for Christmas) and well they told me that i was going to have special changes…… and that i was going to the Coast and i was going to be a Zone Leader…….. soooooooooooooooo here i am!!!! I am now in San Antonio, Chile in the San Antonio Ward!!! AND IT IS AWESOME!!!! So i am with another awesome companion and great friend of mine. His name is Elder Nalesso from Brazil (now i will learn portugues) and he got to the sector in special changes 2 days before i did, so we are basically openeing the sector!!!!! So yeah, it is going to be SUPER fun!!!
Anyways, the sector is ENORMOUS and it is Full, and i mean FULL of hills….. so i will be in incedible shape. But the sector is soooo cool!!!! Do you guys remember how is Brazil there are like streets with cars and then dirt paths winding in green shrubbery and small houses and shacks along the road and dirt paths? Well yeah, my sector is just like that, so it is BEATIFUL and INCREDIBLE!!! I am sooo stoked!!!!
Sooo i dont really have any interesting stories to share about the work or the investigadores since we have just been trying to know the ward and the investigadores and the retencion, but next week i will for sure have tons of stories!!!
Bueno, una meta personal que tengo es desarrollar màs autodominio, ya que es un atributo de Dios. Hay muchas maneras en que nosotros lo podemos hacer, pero despuès de leer algunas escrituras, he encontrado que al hacer una cosa, lo podemos lograr. Leemos varios veces en los Evangelios que lo que sale de la boca contamina al hombre ya que esas cosas salen del corazòn, entonces, leemos en Santiago 3 que el que controla su lengua llega a la perfecciòn. Bueno, al meditar en cuanto a eso, me di cuenta de que muchas veces decimos cosas sin pensar y esas cosas normalmente son nuestras creencias, pensamientos, opiniones, etc. Asì que si queremos tener màs autodominio y ser màs como Dios, debemos controlar nuestras palabras y nuestra lengua en cualquier forma. Brigham Young tambièn habla de esto en su libro ¨Teaching of the Presidents of the Church´¨ entonces, testifico de que necesitamos lograr el autodominio a fin de que el Espìritu pueda morar en nosotros siempre. Al aplicar el mejestuoso poder de la Expiaciòn en nuestras vidas, lo podemos hacer. De ello testifico en el nombre de Jesucriso, amèn!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney

Me quede sin titulos…

Buena buena la familia!!!! or how they say it here in Ochagavía
Wuena wuena la familia!!!!! (just wait until skype so i can do it for you, its pretty funny, jajaja)
Anyways, How are you doing? It sounds like a few things are slowing down and relaxing themsevles while others are just getting started!!! I like how you decided to do another Christmas party while im not there, na de broma no más. jajaja
Anyways, i had one of the most amazing expiriences ever this past week. So we had a capacitación with Presidente Texeira, our area president, and my oh my was it just amazng!!!!! So he spent like 2 hours talking about his vision for the area and how critical of a role we play in it. Like this was the first time in the mission that a Setenta has come (no es una sorpresa ya que no llevo mucho tiempo) and it was just an amazing expirience to be able to hear such a powerful man talk about how we can be even better missionaries. HE talked a lot about the importance of our first visit and he we need to have super short lessons and pass by more often, so my comp and i have been working hard to put that in practice and we have seen results.
Ya, so a super funny story from this week. We were walking down the street and we saw a man sitting on the curb, so we decided to go and contact him. Well we started talking and the contact wasnt going super well, so i decided to try something. I knew that my companion had a variety of pass along cards in his pocket so i thought “ill grab a random one and use that to contact” Well i stuck my hand in his pocket and pulled out a temple card and gave it to the man. Well, i dont realy know why, but that card had NOTHING to do with wwhat we weretalking about, so i looked at my companion and he just started laughing…. and then i started laughing, and we just told the guy, yeah, well talk another time. We then went around the corner and just completely lost it…… i dont know why it was sooo funny, but i was, jajaja. Just some of the random stuff that happens.
Bueno, esta semana quisiera testificar de la importancia de someter nuestra voluntad a la de Dios. Él nos ama y nos conoce perfectamente y sabe que es lo que tenemos que hacer a fin de llegar a ser las personas que Él necesita que seamos. Si nosotros “damos coces contra el aguijón” (algún lugar en el Libro de Hechos) y no aceptamos Su voluntad, no progresaremos como Él necesita. Nosotros tenemos que aprender a ser “sumisos, mansos, humilde, pacientes, llenos de amor, y dispuestos” (Mosíah 3:19) a fin de que aprendamos la lecciones necesarias. Al hacerlo, seremos más felices y llegaremos a ser más como nuestro Salvador. De esto testifico en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero mucho!!!!

Élder Tenney
no fotos because the internet is too slow…….. ill try and think of a solution

Calor and then Rain???

Hey guys!!!
Yeah, well ill get better at saving more time to write to you a big, nice, detailed letter!!! But i am a little loweron time today.
anyways, Sounds like you are at “full” (chilean slang) with all of the parties andmeetings and basketball games and all of that. Well we are super booked down here as well!!!
Well, my comp and i have been working super hard and it is awesome!!! We literally get home every night exhausted, so it has been super fun!!!
2 quick miracles that we sw this week. The first has to do with obedience. So we ran from a lesson to try and make it to the bustop on time, well when we were about a block away a nice blue bus that we needed passed by….. and we missed it…… so yeah, we ran to the next bus stop AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED…. so we missed both buses……. and if we took other buses, we could have gotten home late, but we decided to flag down a taxi that would take us close to our house. Well, the driver stops and we get in and guess what, he was a Less Active Member. So we had a great talk and talked about the #IluminaelMundo and invited him to participate. And we also got home on time, so it was a totally miracle in disguise!!!!!!
The second awesome thing that happend was that we were looking for a reference that the Bishop gave us. Well, he gave us one direction (whoops, jaja) and we went ther and the people said that they had moved. Well we asked them were, and the said “oh like 3 blocks away next to a place called Bolga” well, about a week later we tried to go and find this place. Well we contacted, talked with everyone, and asked and asked and nobody had any idea….. well, someone finally told us that next to the Bolga (oh yeah, we found the place but they didnt live in the houses by it) there was a black metal door and that people lived inside. Well, it wasnt a house, but we knocked on the door and FOUND THEM!!!! They are super awesome!!! So we will be working with these people now and i am sooo stoked!!!
Sé que si nosotros seguimos al Espíritu y si somos diligentes y obedientes, el Señor podrá usarnos como instrumentos a fin de bendecir la vida de Sus hijos. Que todos nosotros pongamos más énfasis en seguir al Espíritu, especialmente durante la Navidad, a fin de poder “Iluminar el Mundo” En el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
les quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney
ps, fixed my Cámara!!!!!!! but the internet is horrible and i could only upload 1 foto