Calor and then Rain???

Hey guys!!!
Yeah, well ill get better at saving more time to write to you a big, nice, detailed letter!!! But i am a little loweron time today.
anyways, Sounds like you are at “full” (chilean slang) with all of the parties andmeetings and basketball games and all of that. Well we are super booked down here as well!!!
Well, my comp and i have been working super hard and it is awesome!!! We literally get home every night exhausted, so it has been super fun!!!
2 quick miracles that we sw this week. The first has to do with obedience. So we ran from a lesson to try and make it to the bustop on time, well when we were about a block away a nice blue bus that we needed passed by….. and we missed it…… so yeah, we ran to the next bus stop AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED…. so we missed both buses……. and if we took other buses, we could have gotten home late, but we decided to flag down a taxi that would take us close to our house. Well, the driver stops and we get in and guess what, he was a Less Active Member. So we had a great talk and talked about the #IluminaelMundo and invited him to participate. And we also got home on time, so it was a totally miracle in disguise!!!!!!
The second awesome thing that happend was that we were looking for a reference that the Bishop gave us. Well, he gave us one direction (whoops, jaja) and we went ther and the people said that they had moved. Well we asked them were, and the said “oh like 3 blocks away next to a place called Bolga” well, about a week later we tried to go and find this place. Well we contacted, talked with everyone, and asked and asked and nobody had any idea….. well, someone finally told us that next to the Bolga (oh yeah, we found the place but they didnt live in the houses by it) there was a black metal door and that people lived inside. Well, it wasnt a house, but we knocked on the door and FOUND THEM!!!! They are super awesome!!! So we will be working with these people now and i am sooo stoked!!!
Sé que si nosotros seguimos al Espíritu y si somos diligentes y obedientes, el Señor podrá usarnos como instrumentos a fin de bendecir la vida de Sus hijos. Que todos nosotros pongamos más énfasis en seguir al Espíritu, especialmente durante la Navidad, a fin de poder “Iluminar el Mundo” En el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
les quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney
ps, fixed my Cámara!!!!!!! but the internet is horrible and i could only upload 1 foto


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