Me quede sin titulos…

Buena buena la familia!!!! or how they say it here in Ochagavía
Wuena wuena la familia!!!!! (just wait until skype so i can do it for you, its pretty funny, jajaja)
Anyways, How are you doing? It sounds like a few things are slowing down and relaxing themsevles while others are just getting started!!! I like how you decided to do another Christmas party while im not there, na de broma no más. jajaja
Anyways, i had one of the most amazing expiriences ever this past week. So we had a capacitación with Presidente Texeira, our area president, and my oh my was it just amazng!!!!! So he spent like 2 hours talking about his vision for the area and how critical of a role we play in it. Like this was the first time in the mission that a Setenta has come (no es una sorpresa ya que no llevo mucho tiempo) and it was just an amazing expirience to be able to hear such a powerful man talk about how we can be even better missionaries. HE talked a lot about the importance of our first visit and he we need to have super short lessons and pass by more often, so my comp and i have been working hard to put that in practice and we have seen results.
Ya, so a super funny story from this week. We were walking down the street and we saw a man sitting on the curb, so we decided to go and contact him. Well we started talking and the contact wasnt going super well, so i decided to try something. I knew that my companion had a variety of pass along cards in his pocket so i thought “ill grab a random one and use that to contact” Well i stuck my hand in his pocket and pulled out a temple card and gave it to the man. Well, i dont realy know why, but that card had NOTHING to do with wwhat we weretalking about, so i looked at my companion and he just started laughing…. and then i started laughing, and we just told the guy, yeah, well talk another time. We then went around the corner and just completely lost it…… i dont know why it was sooo funny, but i was, jajaja. Just some of the random stuff that happens.
Bueno, esta semana quisiera testificar de la importancia de someter nuestra voluntad a la de Dios. Él nos ama y nos conoce perfectamente y sabe que es lo que tenemos que hacer a fin de llegar a ser las personas que Él necesita que seamos. Si nosotros “damos coces contra el aguijón” (algún lugar en el Libro de Hechos) y no aceptamos Su voluntad, no progresaremos como Él necesita. Nosotros tenemos que aprender a ser “sumisos, mansos, humilde, pacientes, llenos de amor, y dispuestos” (Mosíah 3:19) a fin de que aprendamos la lecciones necesarias. Al hacerlo, seremos más felices y llegaremos a ser más como nuestro Salvador. De esto testifico en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero mucho!!!!

Élder Tenney
no fotos because the internet is too slow…….. ill try and think of a solution


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