Last week’s email

Buena buena la familia!!!!!! Como os ha ido? Espero que vosotros estéis bien! Oh, se me pegó es acento español de nuevo!!!!!
Well, it sounds like MArk had an incredible week, Congrats for having a supr good basketball game and then giving a super powerfull talk!!! Doesnt suprise me!!! 
Well, this week was super awesome!!!! Sooooo the other day i was thinking about what we could do to achieve even more. Then and idea came to me that a companion told me a long time ago, a new way to contact in order to find more new investigadores. Well, we tried it this week and saw INCREDIBLE results!!!! We normally find about 10 new investigadores in a week (10 new people that recieve us, we teach something, they accept a commitment, and we set up an appointment to come by again), well, we tried this new method for 4 days and in 4 days found over 20 new investigaodres!!!!!! Like that is a number that you NEVER SEE in the mission!!!! We were soooo stoked. The people were super receptive and the quality was better!!! So, we give this new method to 2 other companionships that were having a rough week and the saw MIRACLES. They normally find 3 or 4 in their sector (they work in a part that is beach resorts, so it is a super hard sector) and they found 12 new investigadores in 3 days!!!! So clearly the Lord blessed us as we exercized faith by trying a new way to bring th Gospel to Gods Children!!! We are now looking to see how we can make this new way even more effective, and then we will give it to the whole zone!
Another super amazing miracle, while we were eating lunch with the 2nd counselor in the Stake PResidency, he told us that a Seventy came like a month ago to give a blessing to an old man in the stake while he was here. Well, th family of this man is a membr, and he is not. He has like 90 smething years and says that he still isnt ready to go. Well, the counselor told us more of the story ( i dont have time t owrite it) but the seventy said to the counselor “This man has faith the Priesthood, you need to baptize him” Soooo we got an awesome reference from the counselor and will pass by him this week with th Second counselor!
Bueno, sé que al procurar recibir inspiración y ejercer la fe, nosotros podemos saber qué es lo que Dios quiere que hagamos a fin de poder lograr más en Su viña. Lo sé, lo vimos esta semana, y sé que al seguir haciéndolo, podremos lograr aún más. Que siempre acudamos al Señor para saber qué hacer. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


Yet another email…

welllllllllllllll how is the school schedule going?????? Sounds like everyone is back to normal, so now the emails will be less exciting….. bueno, mejor para mí, jajajaja
Welllll, the title there is very ineresting, no? I suppose its because i have written so many emails that i just have run out of titles….. ill try and be a little more creative with my titles.
well, this week was a fun one!!!! We had an awesome zone conference!!! It was super fun and the missionaries commented that they learned a lot, so it was a success!!! Thats always a plus!!! Then we lost an ENTIRE day of work…. we had a leadership meeting in Maipú so we got back at like 7 at night, changed, and went straight to Ward Council, so we didnt get to work at all….. but the leadership meeting was super cool!!! The mission will be implementing a new trainging method to help the mission put new principles into practice, so i am super excited to be able to help with that!!!!
A super awesome thing happened this week. friday, we didnt have too muh success…. and then saturday EVERYTHING but one lesson fell through…. so we literally walked up and down hills the whole day…. And we tried talking to everyone but nothing happened (although, the lesson we did have went AMAZING!!! It was with the mom of a few recent convertrs. She is pretty shy and was almost baptized with the other missionaries, so we went by and shared our favorite scriptures and had her daughters share theirs as well and all went super well, so that was a HUGE blessing) and then sunday NOTHING was happeneing. We were talking to everyone, appointments fell through and we were just like “well, when there is this much opposicion, a miracle must be nearby” so we kept working and tried hard to follow the spirit! Well, we felt prompted to go to a different part of the sector that our plans said and we started contactig there. We knocked on one door and a mother and her daughter answered. Well, we started talking and she mentioned that she didnt trust in churches….. so we quickly testified of the restoration and she invited us in. Well, we couldnt enter because there wasnt a man in the house so we asked if she could bring a few chairs and we could talk in the street and she said yes. So we started talking and explained the Restoracion with a cool puzzle thing we have that explains the need of Profets, Apostoles, authority, and so on. Well, we then left a folleto for them and they commited to read and pray and the mother said “you knoe what, other religions come by frequently and i never accept their book because i know i wont read them…. but this message interests me a lot so i am going to read it!” and we were super grateful to hear that!!!! Such a miracle that through the spirit and by testifying of the Restoracion, we helped that the message arrived in her heart and gave her interest in this message that we share!!!!
Sé que la Restauración es el mensaje singular que proclamamos. Es un mensaje que NADIE más puede compartir. Sé que al testificar de ello, podremos ayudar a que el Espíritu llegue al corazón de estas personas para que puedan saber por ellas mismas de que este mensaje es divino, verdadero, y que les va a bendecir en sus vidas. Sé que Dios nos ama, y que como una demostración de Su amor, Él llamó a José Smith para que fuera el profeta por medio del cual Él pudo restaurar Su iglesia en la tierra. Estoy agradecido por la restauración del Evangelio, por la autoridad del sacerdocio, y por el conocimiento más claro que nos da el Libro de Mormón. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney
fotos: a MASSIVE (and i mean MASSIVE, those sandwiches were the size of our heads) sandwich with tons of fries

Jaja Tampoco es lunes hoy….

Buena Familia!!!! Cómo estáis vosotros??
Que bueno que todo os haya ido bien. Estoy muy feliz por vosotros y vuestro tiempo de descanso estas semanas. Espero que podáis terminar la vacaciones bien. Se me ha pegado el acento español!!!!
nah its just a joke, jajaja well, like i said last week i am now with Elde Arcos from Barcelona, Spain!!! jajaja so yeah, he doesnt talk anything like an español… he goes home this change and everyone tells him that he has a gringo accent, so he has totally lost all of his accent poor guy….. but yeah, he is an incredible missionary. He works hard, he is obedient, diligent, consacrated, and super nice and funny, so i cant complain. We have been working hard and we have seen tons of miracles, so i am super grateful for all of that!!!!
Well, a super cool miracle from this week. Well, since it was new years….. ya know…. parties, and falta de guardar la palabra de Sabidurìa so yeah, we invited like 7 people to church (7 with lots of potencial) but they couldnt come because the partied all, and i mean ALL night. Well, i couldve been sad, but i set a goal a long time ago to never be sad, so instead i remembered that God is a God of miracles and i went to church with the hope of that something would happen. Well, we got to church, and while i sat at the piano i looked into the crowed and saw a few people in street clothes. Well, after sacrament meeting, i went up and introduced myself to a young teenager sitting with a family in church clothes. Well, They are from Santiago, and just happened to be in town and brought a RELATIVE to church that isnt a member…………. so yeah, there is the miracle. WE HAD AN INVESTIGADOR COME TO CHURCH!!!!!! BEtter yet, we went by his house yesterday and had a lesson with him, his sister, and his dad, and they all have TONS of potential. I am so grateful that God is a God of miracles, and that by trusting in His will and being happy and positive, He gave us a miracle and now we have the blessing of teaching more of His children!!! I am sooo grateful for that expirience!!!
Well, since the year ended, i have been looking back (not like Lot`s wife, a talk from Elder Holland) and seeing the AMAZING changes that God has made in me…. like i just look back at who i was when the year started, who i was when i left on the mission, and who i am now. I just feel so grateful for the Gospel, for the Holy Ghost, and for the miracle of serving a mission. I have just changed sooo much, grown soo much, learned soo much, and i owe it all to our loving Heavenly Father that has changed me ´here a little and there a little´and after all of this time, i am now a much better person that i was when i left. I have been able to beat tons of weaknesses, learn tons, and i just cant even express what has happened to me in the past year. Like it says in the Bible that those who leave family, and friends, and loved ones will recieve an hundred times more and eternal life. I can testify that that verse of scripture is true. I know it with all of my heart.
Que podamos mirar hacia atràs para aprender y regocijarnos en el progreso que hemos experimentado. Y que despuès podamos mirar hacia adelante con fe para que podamos lograr lo que el Señor espera de nosotros. Sè que al confiar en Él, podremos hacer cualquier cosa, vencer cualquier debilidad, arrepentirnos de cualquier pecado, y servir a cualquier personas. Que podamos poner esto en pràctica al empezar un año nuevo. Testifico de la realidad de nuestro Padre Celestial y Su hijo Jesucristo. Sè que viven, que nos aman, y que nos conocen con todo mi corazòn. Atesoro estas verdades siempre en mi corazòn, y esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!

Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
fotos next week, sorry!