Jaja Tampoco es lunes hoy….

Buena Familia!!!! Cómo estáis vosotros??
Que bueno que todo os haya ido bien. Estoy muy feliz por vosotros y vuestro tiempo de descanso estas semanas. Espero que podáis terminar la vacaciones bien. Se me ha pegado el acento español!!!!
nah its just a joke, jajaja well, like i said last week i am now with Elde Arcos from Barcelona, Spain!!! jajaja so yeah, he doesnt talk anything like an español… he goes home this change and everyone tells him that he has a gringo accent, so he has totally lost all of his accent poor guy….. but yeah, he is an incredible missionary. He works hard, he is obedient, diligent, consacrated, and super nice and funny, so i cant complain. We have been working hard and we have seen tons of miracles, so i am super grateful for all of that!!!!
Well, a super cool miracle from this week. Well, since it was new years….. ya know…. parties, and falta de guardar la palabra de Sabidurìa so yeah, we invited like 7 people to church (7 with lots of potencial) but they couldnt come because the partied all, and i mean ALL night. Well, i couldve been sad, but i set a goal a long time ago to never be sad, so instead i remembered that God is a God of miracles and i went to church with the hope of that something would happen. Well, we got to church, and while i sat at the piano i looked into the crowed and saw a few people in street clothes. Well, after sacrament meeting, i went up and introduced myself to a young teenager sitting with a family in church clothes. Well, They are from Santiago, and just happened to be in town and brought a RELATIVE to church that isnt a member…………. so yeah, there is the miracle. WE HAD AN INVESTIGADOR COME TO CHURCH!!!!!! BEtter yet, we went by his house yesterday and had a lesson with him, his sister, and his dad, and they all have TONS of potential. I am so grateful that God is a God of miracles, and that by trusting in His will and being happy and positive, He gave us a miracle and now we have the blessing of teaching more of His children!!! I am sooo grateful for that expirience!!!
Well, since the year ended, i have been looking back (not like Lot`s wife, a talk from Elder Holland) and seeing the AMAZING changes that God has made in me…. like i just look back at who i was when the year started, who i was when i left on the mission, and who i am now. I just feel so grateful for the Gospel, for the Holy Ghost, and for the miracle of serving a mission. I have just changed sooo much, grown soo much, learned soo much, and i owe it all to our loving Heavenly Father that has changed me ´here a little and there a little´and after all of this time, i am now a much better person that i was when i left. I have been able to beat tons of weaknesses, learn tons, and i just cant even express what has happened to me in the past year. Like it says in the Bible that those who leave family, and friends, and loved ones will recieve an hundred times more and eternal life. I can testify that that verse of scripture is true. I know it with all of my heart.
Que podamos mirar hacia atràs para aprender y regocijarnos en el progreso que hemos experimentado. Y que despuès podamos mirar hacia adelante con fe para que podamos lograr lo que el Señor espera de nosotros. Sè que al confiar en Él, podremos hacer cualquier cosa, vencer cualquier debilidad, arrepentirnos de cualquier pecado, y servir a cualquier personas. Que podamos poner esto en pràctica al empezar un año nuevo. Testifico de la realidad de nuestro Padre Celestial y Su hijo Jesucristo. Sè que viven, que nos aman, y que nos conocen con todo mi corazòn. Atesoro estas verdades siempre en mi corazòn, y esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!

Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney
fotos next week, sorry!


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