Blessings and Lessons

Hey family!!!!!! How are you guys all doing??? It sounds like you had a very busy but fun and productive week!!! I am glad to hear that all is well and that you guys are de buen ánimo. Man, its frases like that that are just so useful in spanish but just dont work in english, cierto stephen??
there a lot of chilean frases that i just LOVE that dont have english translates, for example:
se fue al cancho = he went to the pig, but it means he just like went to far

al tiro = at the gunshot, it means like righ away

tenemos que echar el pollo = we have the throw the chicken, but it means like we have to leave right away
and stuff like that. You guys can try using them to see if anyone there understands…. they will probably just look at you like “What???”
Anyways, we were very blessed this week. We worked hard and we saw the Lords hand helping us to help our brothers and sisters. Ummmmmm well, we found this incredible family last week, there were such a miracle, the Spirit totally guided us to find them, and now they just love the message and are going to church! The father couldnt come yesterday for work, but the rest of the family came and they loved it! So i am very grateful to be able to be the missonary that gets to help them recieve the Gospel. 
Our other investigadora that is getting baptized this saturday is progressing super well!!! We called her sunday morning to make sure she would come to church (personally, i prefer not bringing people to the church after the first time. They need to learn to use their faith to go to curch by themselves. I alsl know lots of recent converts that dont go to church simply because nobody brings them and theyu want members to bring them.) anyways, i started playing the piano and the first hymn was really hard (for me at least) and i could barely play the right hand. Anyways, it was a blessing in disguise because it took a little longer than needful and they managed to get to the sacrament meeting on time!!! So she is already. She will have her interview this week and her baptisms satrday!!
About the piano, i must admit that i didnt play during the first year and a half of my mission (yes, i was the third servant that hid his talent, but the Lord was merciful and didnt take it away from me) and i decided to play the pieno. Well, the Lord atually blessed me because my ability to sightread is WAY better than it ever was at home, so i am very grateful for that decision i took!!!
Bueno, testifico que todos tenemos dones, ya sean espirituales o no, que el Señor nos ha dado. Al esconderlos y no utilizarlos, ya sea por miedo o flojera o lo que sea, puede que perdamos estos dones. Si nosotros elegimos ejercer la fe para usarlos, especialmente para servir y bendecir a los demás, el Señor ampliará nuestro esfuerzo para lograr lo que el desea lograr. En la iglesia, tal vez haya personas que dudan de que puedan cumplir con lo que el Señor espera de nosotros, pero al ejercer la fe para usar nuestros dones a fin de bendecir y ayudar a los demás, podremos hacerlo. Esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!!!


Élder Tenney


Buena buena la familia!!!

Buena buena la familia!!!!!! Como están todos??? Están bien mojados por la lluvia??? Espero que toda la lluvia haya ayudado a California!!!!

Bueno, whoops started that paragraph in spanish….. jajajaja my english is literally sooo bad…. my companion speaks pretty weel and i try and help him a lot. Some times he asks me how to say stuf and i just flat up tell him “dude, i forgot, sorry” jajajajaj good times in the mission!!!
Well, this week we were really blessed!!! We had a fun time and saw lots of miracles!!! On tuesday, we went by a retencion to see if he was there and he wasnt… so we started walking down the stairs of his department when my comp felt the impression to talk to his nneighbors, well we talked to them and they let us in. THEY ARE A FAMILY OF 6!!!!!! they had just moved there and accepted the message without hesitating!!! They are sooooo awesome!!! So we went by 2 more times last week and it was super awesome! Unfortunatly the dad works 3 our of the 4 sundays in a month, so we will be working there so that he can go to church, but they were literally such a huge blessing!!!!
Another funny thing that happened this week is that we had a few lessons with members present (we are working really hard to have lots) and we had like 8 investigadores that were going to go to church!!! Well, all of the lessons with members we had with our investigadora that is gettin gbaptized next month and sunday came around and she is the only one that went to church………… sooooooo the Lord basically taught us that if we want people to go to church, we have to work more with the members, jajajaja sometimes the Lords way of teaching us hurt. I think there is a scriptures in the bible that says the the Lord hurts but heals, something like that. anyways, we learn when stuff like that happens!
Well, a cool thing i read in the OLD testament (i never read the old testament in the mission…) was Numbers chapters 13 and 14. A member gave a talk and used those 2 chapters, so i was think about them and learned something sueprc ool!!!! So the israelitas sent some spies to go see this place and bring back information about it. They came back with news that there is lots of milk and honey, then says that there are also giants there and other strong people….. well, in the beggining of chapter 14, the isrialites begin to complain and say “ohhhh if we were i negipt this wouldntve happened” and complain and all of that. Well, it got me thinking about Hebrews 10:38 – 39 that says that people who desire to return to the past dont please God. In Alma 5:15 we also read that we need to look foreward with “eyes of faith.” So, even though we may not be sure about the future, we cannot look back and “live in the past.” The future is ALWAYS better than the present and the past, if we have faith.
que podamos “mirar hacia adelante con los ojos de la fe” a fin de que podamos llegar a ser lo que Dios espera que seamos. Sé que a veces es muy difícil en el momento y a veces queremos regresar al pasado, pero con fe el futuro siempre será mejor! Recuerdo que hace 8 meses, me encontré en un momento cuando había cambiado mucho. Estaba muy incierto de tales cambios que hice en mi vida, en el sentido de que no confiaba mucho en esos cambios. No obstante, seguí adelante y ahora, 8 meses después, miro hacia atrás y doy gracias a Dios por haberme inspirado a hacer tales cambios porque he llegado a ser una persona mucho mejor de lo que era antes. Sé que el Señor nos guiará a medida que avancemos hacia lo futuro. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney
the sunset, divisiones with Elder Sotham (a great friend of mine), my comp and i walking down a street in the middle of nowhere 

I have written lots lately…

HEY FAMILY!!!!!!! How is all going there in california!!!! I hope all is well!!! IT sounds like lots has happened and that everything is well!!!
First off, congrats to mark for making it to CIF!!! That is super awesome dude!! Keep up the good work!!!
Well, to start of the letter, its not pday, and ill explain why. SOOOOOO i got the dreaded missionary call that it was time to do my visa….. which means i wait in lines ALL day and lose my pday, AND it is almost impossible to do it in one day so i would lose anoter day as well. Anyways, i went to Santiago sunday night. There was TONS of traffic and we got to the department at midnight. Well, we went to the 1 part and all went well. Then we went to the PDI, and waited in huge lines for like 4 hours. Well, we left the PDI at 1:40 and we were a good 20 to 30 minutes away from the 3rd part and it closes at 2….. well, i said i quick pray asking that we make it on time so that i dont have to come back next week. Well, we started walking and EVERY SINGLE INTERSECTION WAS GREEN. We didnt wait for a single intersection. not a single one. I was sooooooo grateful for that huge miracle that we made it to this place on time. So there is one awesome miracle!!!!
Well, we had a great week!!! We had a few investigadores come to church and they are progressing well. 2 will be baptized in the next 2 to 3 weeks and another is working hard to stop smoking so that she can be bpatized! 
This last investigadora is awesome! She lives in te middle of nowhere…. like so far from everyting…. and one night we left her house at like 9 to start the 20 minute walk that takes us to where the taxis come by. well, we started walking when out of nowhere a man drives by and says “where re you going?” and we told him thta we were going to the center of the city. Well he repsonded “ill take you there!” and this aweseome guy just took us all the way there! It was such miracle!!! Jajaja like if we had walked, we wouldve been close to getting home late, so this guy helped us a ton!!!
so yeah, all is well! quisiera testificar en cuanto al Libro de Mormón. Durante mi misión, lo he leído varias veces y cada vez aprendo algo nuevo. Recién terminé el libro y empecé de nuevo, y en las pocas páginas que ya he leído, he aprendido muchas cosas .Realmente sé que al leer las escrituras con la mentalidad de que queremos aprender, entonces vamos a aprender muchas cosas. Estoy tan agradecido por el Libro de Mormón y ruego que ustedes puedan apreciarlo más y más en sus vidas. Esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney

Viajes y Cambios

Hey Familia!!!!!! ¿Cómo están todos? Espero que todo les haya ido chevre….. whoops, se me salió el acento ecuatoriano ahora!!!!!
Well, thats right, Elder Arcos finished his mission and now is about over africa on his way home…. we had a great 6 weeks together. I learned a lot from him and we had a great time. I am going to miss him tons
but, like the mission is, i now have a new companion!!! His name is Elder Villavicencio!!!! We were both District leaders when i was in the center of santiago. So yeah, we are SUPER stoked to be here working together this next change!!!
anyways, i dont have anything interesting to say, well we almost got bit by dogs. Ill try and upload the video to see if you can see it. It is in spanish, so i dont know if youll understand what we are saying. but we basically spent all of the week except saturday traveling to and from santiago a few times with all of the preperation stuff for my companion, but we had a great week traveling together!!! jajaja
One super neat experience that we had this week. It was saturday, the last day of my companion working in the sector. Well, i wanted it to be a super awesome last day for him and was really hoping it was awesome. Well, we had some lessons with the retencion that we needed to do so that they cam e to church and well, the day just wasnt resulting how we had hoped…. to be honest i was pretty down. Not about the sector, just that it was his last day and it wasnt that interesting of a day. Well, we were walking down a road going to see if a contact was home when a man pulled up in a truck. He waved to us and we went over and talked to him. He told us that he was a member from another stake and that he was selling food around here. Well, he started to tell us that he was going through a very, very, very hard moment in his life and the while he was driving he was praying and asking that Heavenly Father helped him. He then turned his truck onto the next street and just happened to see us there walking…… I was literally so humbled when i heard that. Here we were, 2 missionaries walking in a street, trying to do our best, a little down hearted, and it was EXACTLY where Heavenly Father needed us to be in order to help one of His children that was in a hard moment.
Sé que Dios realmente nos conoce personalmente. Sé que el tiene un plan perfecto para cada uno de nosotros. Sé que Él nos usa a nosotros para que ayudemos a Sus hijos acá en la tierra. No hay ningún sentimiento mejor que el de ayudar a una personas, o hacer algo, o decir algo, y luego enterarse de que era exactamente lo que otra persona pidió en oración. Sé que el seguir al Espíritu y al servir a los demás, podemos ser una gran bendición en la vida de los demás. Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

The re-uniting of Irvine!!!

HEYYYYY how is all of the rain going??? Could you sen some down here? The poor Chileans are literally suffering with all of these fires….. whole villages have been destroyed and it is really sad. The air is very smoky….
Bueno, like the title says, I FINALLY SAW ELDER IZU TODAY!!!!! I am in Santiago doing my visa again, and weel his comp had to do it as well. We only got to talk for about 5 minutes, but we got to see each other and he is doing super well. He is just as happy as he was before the mission. Such a Stud that guy!!!!!
Well, this week was pretty hard…. we lost 4 days of work…. 3 because i twisted my anklepretty badplaying soccer (someone kicked the ball and it hit my foot and twisted it) so i had to rest it for 3 days, then we had to not work sunday and travel to Santiago to do all ofmy visa work….. so yeah, not a lot happened in the sector this week…… it made me really sad, but with the Lords help, with faith, and hard work, we will bounce back!!!!!
Like always, amazing things happen in the mission!!! One thing that happened is that there was a recent convert that had a few challenges withthe Word of Wisdom. Well, we kept passing by when he was having challenges with that and with lots of love we kept sharing with him and helping him. Well, the biggest miracle is that he beat it!!!! So he has beat that challenge and now he is isuper happy!!! Like we are starting to reinforce the doctrine with him and then we are going to use him to do visits with us, but i am just soooo happy for him!!! Like it is just soo amaing to see that huge change in a persons life!!!
Sé que el Espíritu Santo puede hacer gran cambios en las vidas de las personas. Al esforzarnos por guardar los mandamientos y arrepentirnos, nosotros sentiremos que el Espíritu nos fortalezca para que podamos seguir con fuerzas. Sé con todo mi corazón que cualquier persona que quiera puede cambiar. Justamente tenemos una pareja con quien estamos trabajando, y ellos nos expresan los grandes cambios que han tenido al simplemente guardar algunos mandamientos básicos. Ellos nos expresan la felicidad que ahora tienen, el mayor amor que hay entre ellos, y estoy tan feliz por ellos! Que nos esforcemos por guardar los mandamientos para que el Espíritu sea nuestro compañero constante, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!!
los quiero mucho!!!!!

Élder Tenney