The re-uniting of Irvine!!!

HEYYYYY how is all of the rain going??? Could you sen some down here? The poor Chileans are literally suffering with all of these fires….. whole villages have been destroyed and it is really sad. The air is very smoky….
Bueno, like the title says, I FINALLY SAW ELDER IZU TODAY!!!!! I am in Santiago doing my visa again, and weel his comp had to do it as well. We only got to talk for about 5 minutes, but we got to see each other and he is doing super well. He is just as happy as he was before the mission. Such a Stud that guy!!!!!
Well, this week was pretty hard…. we lost 4 days of work…. 3 because i twisted my anklepretty badplaying soccer (someone kicked the ball and it hit my foot and twisted it) so i had to rest it for 3 days, then we had to not work sunday and travel to Santiago to do all ofmy visa work….. so yeah, not a lot happened in the sector this week…… it made me really sad, but with the Lords help, with faith, and hard work, we will bounce back!!!!!
Like always, amazing things happen in the mission!!! One thing that happened is that there was a recent convert that had a few challenges withthe Word of Wisdom. Well, we kept passing by when he was having challenges with that and with lots of love we kept sharing with him and helping him. Well, the biggest miracle is that he beat it!!!! So he has beat that challenge and now he is isuper happy!!! Like we are starting to reinforce the doctrine with him and then we are going to use him to do visits with us, but i am just soooo happy for him!!! Like it is just soo amaing to see that huge change in a persons life!!!
Sé que el Espíritu Santo puede hacer gran cambios en las vidas de las personas. Al esforzarnos por guardar los mandamientos y arrepentirnos, nosotros sentiremos que el Espíritu nos fortalezca para que podamos seguir con fuerzas. Sé con todo mi corazón que cualquier persona que quiera puede cambiar. Justamente tenemos una pareja con quien estamos trabajando, y ellos nos expresan los grandes cambios que han tenido al simplemente guardar algunos mandamientos básicos. Ellos nos expresan la felicidad que ahora tienen, el mayor amor que hay entre ellos, y estoy tan feliz por ellos! Que nos esforcemos por guardar los mandamientos para que el Espíritu sea nuestro compañero constante, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!!
los quiero mucho!!!!!

Élder Tenney


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