I have written lots lately…

HEY FAMILY!!!!!!! How is all going there in california!!!! I hope all is well!!! IT sounds like lots has happened and that everything is well!!!
First off, congrats to mark for making it to CIF!!! That is super awesome dude!! Keep up the good work!!!
Well, to start of the letter, its not pday, and ill explain why. SOOOOOO i got the dreaded missionary call that it was time to do my visa….. which means i wait in lines ALL day and lose my pday, AND it is almost impossible to do it in one day so i would lose anoter day as well. Anyways, i went to Santiago sunday night. There was TONS of traffic and we got to the department at midnight. Well, we went to the 1 part and all went well. Then we went to the PDI, and waited in huge lines for like 4 hours. Well, we left the PDI at 1:40 and we were a good 20 to 30 minutes away from the 3rd part and it closes at 2….. well, i said i quick pray asking that we make it on time so that i dont have to come back next week. Well, we started walking and EVERY SINGLE INTERSECTION WAS GREEN. We didnt wait for a single intersection. not a single one. I was sooooooo grateful for that huge miracle that we made it to this place on time. So there is one awesome miracle!!!!
Well, we had a great week!!! We had a few investigadores come to church and they are progressing well. 2 will be baptized in the next 2 to 3 weeks and another is working hard to stop smoking so that she can be bpatized! 
This last investigadora is awesome! She lives in te middle of nowhere…. like so far from everyting…. and one night we left her house at like 9 to start the 20 minute walk that takes us to where the taxis come by. well, we started walking when out of nowhere a man drives by and says “where re you going?” and we told him thta we were going to the center of the city. Well he repsonded “ill take you there!” and this aweseome guy just took us all the way there! It was such miracle!!! Jajaja like if we had walked, we wouldve been close to getting home late, so this guy helped us a ton!!!
so yeah, all is well! quisiera testificar en cuanto al Libro de Mormón. Durante mi misión, lo he leído varias veces y cada vez aprendo algo nuevo. Recién terminé el libro y empecé de nuevo, y en las pocas páginas que ya he leído, he aprendido muchas cosas .Realmente sé que al leer las escrituras con la mentalidad de que queremos aprender, entonces vamos a aprender muchas cosas. Estoy tan agradecido por el Libro de Mormón y ruego que ustedes puedan apreciarlo más y más en sus vidas. Esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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