Viajes y Cambios

Hey Familia!!!!!! ¿Cómo están todos? Espero que todo les haya ido chevre….. whoops, se me salió el acento ecuatoriano ahora!!!!!
Well, thats right, Elder Arcos finished his mission and now is about over africa on his way home…. we had a great 6 weeks together. I learned a lot from him and we had a great time. I am going to miss him tons
but, like the mission is, i now have a new companion!!! His name is Elder Villavicencio!!!! We were both District leaders when i was in the center of santiago. So yeah, we are SUPER stoked to be here working together this next change!!!
anyways, i dont have anything interesting to say, well we almost got bit by dogs. Ill try and upload the video to see if you can see it. It is in spanish, so i dont know if youll understand what we are saying. but we basically spent all of the week except saturday traveling to and from santiago a few times with all of the preperation stuff for my companion, but we had a great week traveling together!!! jajaja
One super neat experience that we had this week. It was saturday, the last day of my companion working in the sector. Well, i wanted it to be a super awesome last day for him and was really hoping it was awesome. Well, we had some lessons with the retencion that we needed to do so that they cam e to church and well, the day just wasnt resulting how we had hoped…. to be honest i was pretty down. Not about the sector, just that it was his last day and it wasnt that interesting of a day. Well, we were walking down a road going to see if a contact was home when a man pulled up in a truck. He waved to us and we went over and talked to him. He told us that he was a member from another stake and that he was selling food around here. Well, he started to tell us that he was going through a very, very, very hard moment in his life and the while he was driving he was praying and asking that Heavenly Father helped him. He then turned his truck onto the next street and just happened to see us there walking…… I was literally so humbled when i heard that. Here we were, 2 missionaries walking in a street, trying to do our best, a little down hearted, and it was EXACTLY where Heavenly Father needed us to be in order to help one of His children that was in a hard moment.
Sé que Dios realmente nos conoce personalmente. Sé que el tiene un plan perfecto para cada uno de nosotros. Sé que Él nos usa a nosotros para que ayudemos a Sus hijos acá en la tierra. No hay ningún sentimiento mejor que el de ayudar a una personas, o hacer algo, o decir algo, y luego enterarse de que era exactamente lo que otra persona pidió en oración. Sé que el seguir al Espíritu y al servir a los demás, podemos ser una gran bendición en la vida de los demás. Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!


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