Buena buena la familia!!!

Buena buena la familia!!!!!! Como están todos??? Están bien mojados por la lluvia??? Espero que toda la lluvia haya ayudado a California!!!!

Bueno, whoops started that paragraph in spanish….. jajajaja my english is literally sooo bad…. my companion speaks pretty weel and i try and help him a lot. Some times he asks me how to say stuf and i just flat up tell him “dude, i forgot, sorry” jajajajaj good times in the mission!!!
Well, this week we were really blessed!!! We had a fun time and saw lots of miracles!!! On tuesday, we went by a retencion to see if he was there and he wasnt… so we started walking down the stairs of his department when my comp felt the impression to talk to his nneighbors, well we talked to them and they let us in. THEY ARE A FAMILY OF 6!!!!!! they had just moved there and accepted the message without hesitating!!! They are sooooo awesome!!! So we went by 2 more times last week and it was super awesome! Unfortunatly the dad works 3 our of the 4 sundays in a month, so we will be working there so that he can go to church, but they were literally such a huge blessing!!!!
Another funny thing that happened this week is that we had a few lessons with members present (we are working really hard to have lots) and we had like 8 investigadores that were going to go to church!!! Well, all of the lessons with members we had with our investigadora that is gettin gbaptized next month and sunday came around and she is the only one that went to church………… sooooooo the Lord basically taught us that if we want people to go to church, we have to work more with the members, jajajaja sometimes the Lords way of teaching us hurt. I think there is a scriptures in the bible that says the the Lord hurts but heals, something like that. anyways, we learn when stuff like that happens!
Well, a cool thing i read in the OLD testament (i never read the old testament in the mission…) was Numbers chapters 13 and 14. A member gave a talk and used those 2 chapters, so i was think about them and learned something sueprc ool!!!! So the israelitas sent some spies to go see this place and bring back information about it. They came back with news that there is lots of milk and honey, then says that there are also giants there and other strong people….. well, in the beggining of chapter 14, the isrialites begin to complain and say “ohhhh if we were i negipt this wouldntve happened” and complain and all of that. Well, it got me thinking about Hebrews 10:38 – 39 that says that people who desire to return to the past dont please God. In Alma 5:15 we also read that we need to look foreward with “eyes of faith.” So, even though we may not be sure about the future, we cannot look back and “live in the past.” The future is ALWAYS better than the present and the past, if we have faith.
que podamos “mirar hacia adelante con los ojos de la fe” a fin de que podamos llegar a ser lo que Dios espera que seamos. Sé que a veces es muy difícil en el momento y a veces queremos regresar al pasado, pero con fe el futuro siempre será mejor! Recuerdo que hace 8 meses, me encontré en un momento cuando había cambiado mucho. Estaba muy incierto de tales cambios que hice en mi vida, en el sentido de que no confiaba mucho en esos cambios. No obstante, seguí adelante y ahora, 8 meses después, miro hacia atrás y doy gracias a Dios por haberme inspirado a hacer tales cambios porque he llegado a ser una persona mucho mejor de lo que era antes. Sé que el Señor nos guiará a medida que avancemos hacia lo futuro. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney
the sunset, divisiones with Elder Sotham (a great friend of mine), my comp and i walking down a street in the middle of nowhere 


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