Blessings and Lessons

Hey family!!!!!! How are you guys all doing??? It sounds like you had a very busy but fun and productive week!!! I am glad to hear that all is well and that you guys are de buen ánimo. Man, its frases like that that are just so useful in spanish but just dont work in english, cierto stephen??
there a lot of chilean frases that i just LOVE that dont have english translates, for example:
se fue al cancho = he went to the pig, but it means he just like went to far

al tiro = at the gunshot, it means like righ away

tenemos que echar el pollo = we have the throw the chicken, but it means like we have to leave right away
and stuff like that. You guys can try using them to see if anyone there understands…. they will probably just look at you like “What???”
Anyways, we were very blessed this week. We worked hard and we saw the Lords hand helping us to help our brothers and sisters. Ummmmmm well, we found this incredible family last week, there were such a miracle, the Spirit totally guided us to find them, and now they just love the message and are going to church! The father couldnt come yesterday for work, but the rest of the family came and they loved it! So i am very grateful to be able to be the missonary that gets to help them recieve the Gospel. 
Our other investigadora that is getting baptized this saturday is progressing super well!!! We called her sunday morning to make sure she would come to church (personally, i prefer not bringing people to the church after the first time. They need to learn to use their faith to go to curch by themselves. I alsl know lots of recent converts that dont go to church simply because nobody brings them and theyu want members to bring them.) anyways, i started playing the piano and the first hymn was really hard (for me at least) and i could barely play the right hand. Anyways, it was a blessing in disguise because it took a little longer than needful and they managed to get to the sacrament meeting on time!!! So she is already. She will have her interview this week and her baptisms satrday!!
About the piano, i must admit that i didnt play during the first year and a half of my mission (yes, i was the third servant that hid his talent, but the Lord was merciful and didnt take it away from me) and i decided to play the pieno. Well, the Lord atually blessed me because my ability to sightread is WAY better than it ever was at home, so i am very grateful for that decision i took!!!
Bueno, testifico que todos tenemos dones, ya sean espirituales o no, que el Señor nos ha dado. Al esconderlos y no utilizarlos, ya sea por miedo o flojera o lo que sea, puede que perdamos estos dones. Si nosotros elegimos ejercer la fe para usarlos, especialmente para servir y bendecir a los demás, el Señor ampliará nuestro esfuerzo para lograr lo que el desea lograr. En la iglesia, tal vez haya personas que dudan de que puedan cumplir con lo que el Señor espera de nosotros, pero al ejercer la fe para usar nuestros dones a fin de bendecir y ayudar a los demás, podremos hacerlo. Esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!!!


Élder Tenney


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