Farms, Cows, and Miracles

Hey guys!!!!! How are you doing? it sounds like it was a great week that was also busy!!! 
Well, this week was awesome!!!! So we are still trying to figure out the best way to work effectively here. In the process we have been very blessed and lots of funny things have happened.
SOOOOO a super funny story, tuesday, we biked to a city called Marìa Pinto. It took about 45 minutes and we contacted a little and it was cool, then on the way back, my bike broke…… it got a flat and we couldnt fix it, we needed a new tube, so we just walked the reamining 10 kilometers back to Bollenar, which took about 2 hours. We had a great time laughign together and all of that, so it was pretty fun! 
Then, we decided to ditch the bikes and use our mission money to travel in the taxis and buses to not waste so much time. So the next day we took a bus for like a half an hour down this one street and just started walking back towards Bolenar and contacting the houses on the way! 
Then we did that another day and saw TONS of miracles. We found a little family and are going to start working with them, then a member got out of a taxi and invited us to eat lunch with him mom and wife (the mom isnt a member, but she didnt really want to listen to us). and yeah, it was cool!!
So yeah, the branch is pretty small, sacrament meeting started with 14 people and ended with 41, and the were SOOOO excited that someone could play the piano, jajaja so that was super neat!
bueno, esta semana he estudiado màs la expiaciòn de Jesucristo. Estoy muy agradecido por el amor que Èl tiene por nosotros, tanto que dio Su vida por nosotros para que pudièramos regresar y vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial. Espero que siempre podamos apreciar la expiaciòn y aplicarla a nuestras vidas. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


Another change has come and gone…… and gone too quickly it has

Wow, it sounds like you guys have had an awesome, action packed week!!! Sounds like mark is having a great time being a super member missionary. And it sounds like mom and dad are being true dicsiples of Christ “for inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me” (Mateo 25:40 si no me equivoco) Keep up the good work!!!
Well, i had changes… and i am now in a sector called “Bollenar.” Bollenar is considered the “worst” sector in the mission. Why? because it is basically a tiny branch that it is in the middle of nowhere. And the sector is HUGE (like 1 fourth of the mission is m sector) and there just isnt a lot of success. But i am stoked to be here. I used to always joke with my friends in the mission “Hey, wouldnt it be super awesome to just go to Bollenar and finish the mission?” jajaja and well now its a reality!!! So, honestly, i am not complaining, i am actually SUPER excited to be here. It will be an awesome challenge and a great oportunity to grow, so i thank God for this oportunity!!!
Anyways, i dont know much about the sector, other than that we travel an hour in bus every day to get there, we bike all say (i will be in PERFECT biking shape when i get home) and it is the most beatiful sector that there is. jajajaja oh, we are also the Young Mens President, so i will be doing mutual with the 3 young men that there are!!!!!!! I am staked to bring back warrior ball!!!! jajaja
Anyways, thats about it. The Church is true. Quiero dejar mi testimonio de que Dios siempre tiene lo mejor planificado para nosotros. Sè que Èl tiene milagros y èxitos y dificultades y todo esto para mì en los pròximos 2 cambios. Sè que si yo me esfuerzo al màximo, podrè lograr lo que ÈL quiere y no lo que yo quiero. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!!
los quiero!!!!


Élder Tenney

Yet another week has passed

Hola familia!!!!!! Cómo están????? Parece que todo le haya ido bien ya que fueron al BNP Paribas!!!!! Hace tiempo que he jugado tenis (nunca he jugado en la mision…)
anyways, well sorry but this letter will be short and not too interesting. We didnt have a lot of super new or interesting things happen. It was just a normal week full of blessings, hard work, and being instruments in God´s hands! 
A funny/sad thing that happened is that we were doing service this week. The other Elders in the ward have an investigadora that has a big lot full of junk….. so we went to her house on friday and cleared some of it out. We are going back this friday with more Elders to do even more!!! BUT while we were there, my poor comp stepped on a nail…. and it went through his shoe and into his foot…… so yeah, luckily he already had is tetanis shot and all of that and the cut want that big, but we had to rest all of Friday because he couldnt wak on it. Jajaja i love my comp, he is such a good sport and everything. He worked all day saturday wearing my purple crocks i haev because his foot didnt hurt but was swollen, jajaja and to coordinate better, we both wore purple ties that day, jajajaja. 
bueno, eso es como la única cosa chistosa que pasó que recuerdo. Pero sí quisiera hablar hoy de dos atributos de Cristo que estoy tratando de desarrollar (uno va a hacerles reir) que son la esperanza y la paciencia (jaja, la paciencia, yo, paciente? noooooooo jajaja). La verdad es que a lo largo de mi misión, el Señor me ha enseñado, humillado, moldeado, purificado, y ayudado. El Señor me ha mostrado Su forma de trabajar, y al esforzarme por entenderlo a Él y ser humilde, he aprendido algunas cosas. He aprendido que no hay ninguna razón por la cual debemos desanimarnos. Él tiene un plan PERFECTO para nosotros. Solamente tenemos que recordar eso y aceptar Su plan en nuestras vidas. Al hacerlo, seremos más tranquilos, tendremos más paz y seremos más optimistas. He llegado a saber que tengo que hacer lo mejor que pueda y procurar mejorar y el Señor me bendecirá. En los momentos más difíciles, tenemos que utilizar esas experiencias para poder progresar y aprender lo que Él desea que aprendamos. Si somos pacientes y si tenemos esperanza, esperaremos con tranquilidad en los momentos difíciles y podremos aprender y progresar como el Señor desea. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!!!

los quiero!!

Élder Tenney

Something went swimming…

FAMILIA!!!!!!! ¿Cómo les va?¿ Cómo está la nieve? ME encantaron las fotos!!! Me compañero se rió tanto cuando vio la nube de nieve cuando Jared se cayó, jajajaja él pensó que fue muy chistoso.
Well, i am glad to hear that there will be a new cougar in the family!!! It wierd to think that Mark and i will be freshmen together, jajaja we should totally take a class together, jajaja that would be hilarious!!!
Anyways, im going to start with a super funny story. SOOOOOOO it was saturday and my comp and i were filling up the baptismal font. Well, it filled up to much with cold water so we had to darin some and add hot water. Well, while it was filling up, i was using a broom to mix the cold and hot water (a funny thing is that chileans use a broom to clean EVERYTHING. They use it to scrub their cars, the put a cloth on it and use it was a mop) and i heard a plop! Welll… i looked down and saw that my agenda decided to go for a swim, jajajaja so i quickly grabbed it and it didnt get to wet, but it did get wet, jajaja. Anyways, ill send a few fotos of me ironong my agenda to dry it, jaja. One of the elders we live with gave me that idea and it worked really well!!!
Well, we did have a baptism!!!! It was such a miracle, i fell blessed to have been able to help this investigadora come unto Christ. She was just amazing. She was just sooo prepared that we really didnt have to do anyting, jajaja. But i do feel blessed for the oportuity i had to be the missionary that taught her. They baptism was great. It was very spiritual and a decent amount of members came, so that is good! We also gave her baby a blessing this sunday after her confirmation, so that was the second baby blessing in my life, such a neat expirience!!!
Bueno, esta mañana leí algunos capítulos en el Antiguo Testamento, en el libro de Génesis acerca de José de Egipto. Cuando pensamos en su historia, puede que creamos que es muy triste – sus hermanos lo vendieron, fue esclavo fiel pero después fue encarcelado sin tener culpa alguna. Después interpretó dos sueños y el copero se olvidó de él. Entonces, interprete el sueño del Faraón y llega a ser la segunda persona en TODO Egipto, y por la sabiduría que Dios le dio, pudo rescatar a todo Egipto. Después vienen sus hermanos y vemos la gran bendición que Dios había preparado. Por conducto de que José fue vendido, encarcelado, y olvidado, Dios pudo usarlo a él como un instrumento para preservar a Jacob y todo su posteridad. Entonces, muchas veces nosotros no vemos el lado positivo de las cosas. Muchas vemos dudamos de que algo bueno vaya a ocurrir. Pero como dice en DyC 58: 3 a 4, no podemos ver los designios de Dios, pero al elegir ejercer la fe para confiar en Su santa voluntad, recibiremos las bendiciones, progresaremos más rápido, seremos felices, y llegaremos a ser como nuestro Padre Celestial. Que elijamos ver lo bueno en todo y confiar en la voluntad de Dios. Esto dejo en el sagrado nombre de nuestro Salvador Jesucristo, amén.
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney