A Different Week

Hey Guys!!!!
Wow, it is monday again…….. it just comes around faster and faster each time……….. 
Well, it sounds like all is well and that you are going to have a great week skiing, biking, maybe boating, and just having fun in utah!!!! I am glad that you all loved conference!!! I too loved it here!!! Thre were some INCREDIBLE talks and i learned a ton!!
well, like the title says, this week was very different…. So we spent monday and tuesday in the sector, then wednesday we went on divisiones with our DL and had a great time. Then thursday we went to El Quisco to have a zone conference!!! It was very fun!!! It was also funny because there were some Bolivians there for the first time!!! anyways, i had a great time there. Then on Friday we were back in our sector the whole day. And then Saturday and Sunday we didnt go to the sector because it was too far away to be able to travel and get back on time. We would literally have traveled there, and then had to get on a bus immediatly to get back home on time, so we had like 3 and a half days in the sector….
So i realized that i still havent talked about my comp….. His name is Elder Eagar from North Carolina. Hes been out in th mission 

for about 7 months. He is super awesome and a great friend of mine. HE just loves working hard and having fun. A cool thing about him is that he is INCREDIBLE with cars. He is a family friend of one of the top nascar drivers in the states and worked for him as one of his mechanics, so he has all kinds of crazy cool stories. Anyways, he is just a stud and i am soooooo excited to be here with him!!!
Bueno, la verdad es que nada pasò esta semana….. pero quisiera testificar unir mi testimonio al de Presidente Monson. Sè que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Sè que en èl se encuentran las verdades en cuanto al Evangelio de Jesucristo y que al leerlo, meditar, y orar al respecto, podremos sentir en nuestros corazones la veracidad de este libro. Esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!!!
los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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