The Miracles of Bollenar

Familia!!!! its great to hear that you had an awesome week!!! we were very blessed here in bollenar this week!
Wow, you went skiing, shooting, and blew things up this week?? 3 of my favorite things all together, sounds like a ton of fun!!!
Well, we are going to start today off with a miracle. So last pday we got a reference in the system, in a little town in the middle of NOWHERE. So we decided that if a reference came, God wanted us to be out tere. So tuesday we went out there and spent an HOUR just looking for the little street that would take us WAY out there. Well, we finally found it. And we started walking, and walking, then we walked a little me, and we walked for a solid hour. Then we felt impressed to contact a house, and the wife came out and we talked to her and she told us that everyone would get home at like 7, and it was like 5. Well, we walked to the end of this massive road, and prayed for guidance and recieved the impression that we needed to visit this family. so we contacted for a solid 2 hours until 7 came around and went to the house. We yelled and the husband came out and let us right in, the family was waiting for us. So we had a super awesome lesson with this family of 9!!!!!! 7 of them can get baptized. Well, we visited them another day that week and taught the restoration and it was just stupendous!!! They had awesome questions and they commited to read the BOM. And now we have an appointment with them today, so we were soooo blessed this week.
Tal como dijo Elder Rasband, nosotros tenemos que escuchar al Espìritu, y si lo hacemos, podremos ayudar a nuestro Padre Celestial en Su obra. Es tan importante que seamos dignos de recibir estas impresiones y que escuchemos para poder recibirlas. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!!!!
los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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