Lots of things happened…

Hey guys!!!! Well, it sounds like all is well!! 
Well, this week was very interesting, jaja. We had a lot less time in the sector this week due to meetings and another thing that i will talk about later, but we were very blessed and our two investigadores are progressing very well! We are doing this reverse teaching method where they have to teach each other instead of us teaching them. It works very well!!! jaja
well, here is the super cool story. We got a call from the Zone LEaders this week asking if a certain city was in our sector and they said yes. Then they told us that they needed us to take them out there in the morning. So we went out with one of them, and the other went with 2 other missionaries to another little city. They told us that we needed to go and get a wedding date for this couple as soon as we could. Well, we got out to the city and went to the City center. We talked to the people and we got an hour for the NEXT DAY at 7 in the afternoon. Well, we ran around, got the paper work ready and she told us that we had to be there at 10 the next day with the papers and an address in order to preform th ceremony. Well, we had everything but an address…… so we finished what we could and told her that we would be there at 10 the next morning. (we only worked like 2 hours in our sector that day) anyways, 10 oclock came around and we still didnt have an address…. and we had one more hour to find one. Well, i remembered that we once met this old less active couple in a taxi that lived in another city, so we grabbed a taxi and went to ther house to try and talk to them. well, they werent home…… so after a pray, we felt that we should just use their direction and go by later to see if they were home. So we went back to the city center, got everything taken care of and listo. Well, everybody left and my comp and i then walked and hour and a half back to this couples house (we walked because we used all the money we brought with us) anyways, we get there and the husband is ABOUT TO LEAVE. 2 minutes later and we missed him…. SUCH A MIRACLE. So we talked to him, set it all up, 7 oclock came around, the couple got married and now all is well.
Testifico de que al ser obedientes, al ejercer la fe, y al procurar inspiraciòn, nuestro Padre Celestial nos guiarà y nos darà las bendiciones que necesitamos para ayudar a Sus hijos a recibir su salvaciòn. Estoy agradecido por esta experiencia, y aumentò me fe bastante al ve la mano de Dios ayudàndonos. Sè que Èl vive y que nos ama y nos bendice, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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