The Last Change…

Wow, sounds like you guys had a cool week!!! Sounds like mark took out the trash on the piano at air guitar. What a stud!!! Stephen also pulled in a solid semester, congrats on that!!
Well, like the title says, yesterday was the start of my last change in the mission. It does bring tears to my eyes as i realize that the best 2 years are almost over. But it does bring tears knowing that after 3 years, the family will be back together. So i am very excited for that!!!
Well, last week wasnt anything too special. The 2 investigadres that we have had afternoon/night shift so we couldnt go by. We spent a lot of time contacting and we did see one huge miracle from the Lord.
Just on a especially difficult day we were went to our retencions house and the appointment fell through… and the appointments had fallen through a lot the past days before that. Anyways, in my head i started to pray telling Heavenly Father that we were honestly trying to work hard and help His children but that it had been a tough day. I asked that He could help us find somebody that was ready. Then my comp said “hey, there is a house around the corner with a fun dog. The owner has never opened their door, but lets go by” So we went by and the owner came out. She told us that she was Evangelic, but that she had prayed right as we yelled outisde that if it was God calling, she would answer. Well, it was God calling. She came out and told us that a few years ago she had recieved the missionaries and that she didnt get baptized. She then said that she would pray to see if God wanted her to change religions. We werent able to go into her house to share more, but we did leave her a folleto. My comp and i were humbled and blown away. She was just so willy to do God´s will and i was happy that God had answered our prayer so soon. After that contact, my comp had said that he too was praying for God´s help. So, we havent been able to go by to teach her, we have been calling her and she says she hasnt had an answer yet, so we will continue to work with her this week and help her get that answer. 
En fin, sè que Dios nos conoce y que nos ama. Sè que esta es su obra, que Èl tiene un plan para cada uno de nosotros y que somos sus manos en esta tierra. Sè que si tenemos motivos puros y nos esforzamos por ser humildes y rectos, podremos ser los instrumentos que Èl necesita para ayudar a Sus hijos. Agradezco la bondad de Dios y las oportunidades que Èl me ha dado acà en la misiòn. Testifico de que Èl vive y que nos ama. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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