Well it rained and we got wet!

Hey guys!!!
Well, it was great talking to you last night!!!! It sounds like we will have a great summer!!!1
Well, as one of the pictures looks like, it rained!!! We stayed in Melipilla that day and it was fun!!! We just went wading through all of these massive puddles (some were knee deep) and helped a lot of people cross, which was fun!!!!
Well, i saw Elder Izu again!!!! He is doing great. He is in the coast now and with a very awesome companion that was there when i was in the coast. So it was awesome to see him!!! I should see him next week when we have a meeting with a 70!!!! I am sooo excited to go there!!!!
Well, here is an awesome miracle. My comp and i had the option of going to an Open House to help there, but we felt that we needed to go to the sector. So we went and were walking to an appointment we had set up and while walking, we felt prompted to talk to this lady and her 2 little kids. So we start talking about her kids (every mom loves talking about their kids, its a great conversation starter!!!) and she told us that she knew the Church. So we said we were going to visit someone and thet we would go by her house afterwards. So the appointment we had scheduled fell through and we went to her house. Well, she was awesome!!! HAs tons of faith, and is in a perfect situation to accept the Gospel, so we are going by this night to teach the restoration!!! It was awesome to find her!!!!
Testifico de la importancia del Espìritu en nuestras vidas. Èl puede susurrarnos que es lo que debemos hacer para poder ayudar a los hijos de nuestro Padre Celestial a fin de que puedan recibir este Evangelio. No solamente nos ayuda en la obra misional, pero nos ayuda dìa tras dìa para poder vivir el Evangelio mejor y regresar a casa. Testifico de que Cristo vive y que Èl es nuestro Salvador. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!
los quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney


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