El fin se acerca…

Sorry for the title, the song is stuck in my head, nah, just kidding, my comp sings it to me all the time……
just kidding again, but he is a funny dude and will probably do that my whole last week, jajaja
Well, it sounds like you guys are about to have a few crazy weeks! I heard that there are meeting for dad, graduation and grad night for mark, stephen is a nurse, and jared està sacando la mugre en general!!! Sounds awesome!!!
Soooooo, some exciting news: This family we have been working with to help reactivate the Dad that was less active got reactivated!!! And now he will be baptizing is wife and daughter next weekend!!! They are just the cutest little family and are sooo excited!!! They came to church sunday and the wife learned so much. They also have this 3 yeard old boy that is CRAZY FUN!!! Whenever we are at their house he will chase us and we run away from him and it is sooo much fun!!!!
Well, this week we had tons of fun in the lunches: we cooked for 2 members!!! On tuesday we went to this blind members house and made him cheeseburgers!!! It was a ton of fun, and they were SOOO DELICIOUS!!! and then on wednesday we made lemos chicken with lemon mashed potatos!!! It was soo much fun!!!
anyways, thats about it for this week!!! Hoy quisiera hablar del Espìritu Santo. Èl tiene muchos papeles en nuestras vidas, pero quiero hablar acerca de la importancia de escuchar los susurros del Espìritu. Es muy importante que escuchemos al Espìritu siempre, y que seamos dignos se tenerlo como nuestro compañero constante. Si lo hacemos y estamos escuchando, Èl nos susurrarà y podremos mejorar y ser instrumentos màs eficaces en las manos de Dios, y a medida que esuchemos y actùemos, nuestra habilidad de reconocer los susurros mejorarà. Que podamos siempre esforzarnos por ser dignos del Espìritu. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!
los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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