T Minus 2 Weeks

Hey guys!!!!!! How is it all going? it sounds like everyone is preparing for an awesome summer!! I must say that i was super excited to hear that the boat was out and working, i am soooo excited to use the boat, jajaja.
Well, this week was pretty typical. Just to give you guys an idea of bollenar, we spent the whole week on foot, jajaja appointments are constantly falling here, but we couldnt be happier. Lots of the time we think that the circumstances influence our emotions, but our thought control our emotions, (Proverbs 23:7) and i have definetly seen how that is a true concept here in Bollenar. It has been a great learning opportunity!!! i couldnt be happier to be here!!!
Well, knowing that there is a lot of oposition here in Bollear, there are TONS of miracles, so i am very grateful for that!!! We have this one investigadora that we found 2 and a half weeks ago. Every single appointment has fallen through with her, but she is flat out INCREDIBLE!!! We always run into her in the streey and she has laready read almost all of 1 nefi, and has been praying every night. She knows that Joseph Smith was a profet, and that the Chruch is true!! She is still working on her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and she hasnt been able to make it to church yet, but i am just so grateful for the miracles that God is giving us to help her progress. Even if i am not here to see her make convenants (and i most likely wont) i am super grateful for the oportunity that we have had to be instruments in God`s hands to help her!!
And another miracle is that 2 people are getting baptized this week!!! So, there was a less active that missionaries found about a year ago and have been working with. Well, he finished all of his goals and got his priesthood and will now be baptizing his wife and step daughter this weekend!! We are soo excited for them. They are this awesome, cute little family!! And this past sunday he (the husband) got called as our mission leader and we are SUPER excited to work with him!!! It is going to be soo awesome!! So even though there is lots of oposition, like somebody once said “trouble has no connection with dissapointment” (something like that). 
Sè que en esta vida, vamos a pasar muchas cosas muy frustrantes. Asì es la vida. Sè que con el conocimiento que tenemos del Evangelio, sabemos que si somos fieles, podemos regresar y vivir con Dios, Jesucristo, y nuestras familias eternamente, asì que no tenemos por què estar tristes. Tambièn me encanta la escritura en Eclesiastès 12:13 que dice     
  “El fin de todo este asunto que has oído es este: Teme a Dios y guarda sus mandamientos, porque esto es el todo del hombre.”
asì que solo tenemos que guardar los mandamientos y ser fieles para ser felices y tener paz. Testifico de que la expiaciòn de Jesucristo es lo que permite que podamos ser felices siempre. Testifico de que Èl vive y que nos ama y que camina con nosotros. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!!
los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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