The time has come…

Hey guys!!! Well, the time for the last email from Elder Tenney has come….. i never thought that this moment would come, but it has. I must say that i am super excited to see you guys, and i am a little nervous about the change, but thats okay!!!
Well, there were two baptisms in the branch last weekend!!! This family that we had been working with finally got baptized!!! It was such an awesome expirience and the branch did an incredible job organizing everything!!! Ill attach some pictures!!
Well, one other huge miracle from this week: Before i got to the sector, my comp got information about a recent convert (a haitian) that moved to a super remote part of the sector. Well, i found out about his about 2 weeks ago. This convert is only home on sundays, and we hadnt been able to go until this past sunday. Another thing is that i knew this convert from a sector i had in Santiago, he lived in the ward, so i felt that we needed to find him. Anyways, we knelt down in prayer asking God to help us find him without problem. After a while, we got a Taxi to take us out there (it was about a 30 minute drive) and he also took a detour to drop another passenger off at his house (he lived in a massive street in the middle of the farmland). So we finally get to this little village where the convert lives and i got out of the taxi and the convert was walking right in front of me. So he recognized me and we talked to him a little to find out his schedule. Turns out he has been traveling to Santiago every sunday to go to that ward, and now we will help him come here. His help would be incredibel becuase he speaks really good spanish and could help us eith the other haitianos. Anyways, it was an incredible miracle that all the timing worked out perfectly for us to get out of the taxi and find him walking in the street.I know that we were blessed by the Lord in order to find him so miracously.
Sè que Dios conoce a todos Sus hijos. Sè que Èl trabaja a travès de nosotros para lograr sus Santos propòsitos. Sè que fuimos guiados por el Espìritu para estar en el lugar perfect en el momento perfecto para encontrar a este miembro. Agradezco los muchos milagros que he visto los ùltimos dos años aquì en Chile. Ni puedo describir lo que siento por esta experiencia con palabras, y tampoco lo intentarè. Esta misiòn siempre estarà cerca de mi corozòn. Sè que Cristo vive, que Èl ha sufrido por nuestros pecados, y que podemos arrepentirnos y llegar a ser puros tal como Èl es puro. Esto dejo en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!
los quiero, SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!!!!!

Élder Tenney


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